Braylon Edwards: “I Want To Have Sex With Both Of You Right Now”?

Fresh from the rumor mill – supposedly when Jets wide-out Braylon Edwards was a student at the University of Michigan, two female reporters from the campus newspaper called, “The Michigan Daily” were in the midst of an interview with the receiver when he stopped them and said, “I want to have sex with both of you right now.” Apparently, one of the reporters refused while the other chick stuck around. There are claims the girl who stayed was later fired. A rumor I just made up states the reporter who left was Ines Sainz. Weird.

Dude is baller, man. He calmly asks the cop who pulls him over on suspicion of DWI if he can walk away from the arrest and take a cab home. He repeatedly tacks on negative 15 yards to the kickoff after every TD catch like it ain’t no thang. Honestly, how many of us guys can honestly say we wouldn’t have asked for a threesome in his position? I’m shocked the other girl left. What a prude. Maybe she just wasn’t into the other chick? I mean, if I’m interviewing Miss May 2009 Crystal McCahill and she demands to have sex with me and Peter Gammons… I’d hesitate.

As ballsy as the move is, I think next time he should try the Tom Green approach in the 2000 movie “Road Trip”.



    1. F1LT3R says:

      Lame. Edwards feeds off the whole cocky Jets thing (which is great TV) and makes it something pretty disrespectful. THey hey should stop him from playing for a few games if he’s really gonna be that much of a tool. (I’m a Jets fan.)

    2. […] Also, did you know if you’re a star wide receiver at U of M, you can suggest three ways to 2 female reporters at the student newspaper? […]

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