Katy Perry and the 12 Sexiest Celebrities to Appear on Sesame Street

With Katy Perry’s recent appearance on Sesame Street, in which she made babies everywhere pucker their lips, making headlines, we here at COED aren’t surprised. The children’s show has a torrid history of guest appearances by not-so-family-friendly foxes as evidenced by our list of the 12 sexiest celebrities to appear on Sesame Street. Today, we add the crooner behind California Girlz to the list. Anyone else have a hankering for milk?

Click the celebrity’s name to see her Sesame Street Appearance

#13 Christina Applegate

#12 Beyonce

#11 Tina Fey

#10 Jenny McCarthy

#9 Julia Roberts

#8 Cameron Diaz

#7 Tyra Banks

#6 Carrie Underwood

#5 Eva Longoria

#4 Natalie Portman

#3 Jessica Alba

#2 Katy Perry

#1 Heidi Klum



    1. […] dames die al eens in Sesamstraat een gastrol hadden. Niet in Nederland natuurlijk, maar in Amerika. Chicks als Cameron Diaz, Beyonce, Katy Perry en Natalie Portman zijn we terug in dit item. Enjoy! HOT | Tags:    […]

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    4. […] This Girl of Machete and eco-friendly actress has perfected the ass-out pose prompting numerous copycats. DNA tests on Lopez Tonight (really?) showed she’s 13% Native American while other sites report her grandmother was Quebecois, the Native Americans of the Great White North (Canada). One thing’s for sure, she really likes to jiggle. Wait ’til her kids watch her on Sesame Street. […]

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