Mexico’s Hottest Sportscaster Ines Sainz-Gallery



    1. tim smith says:

      your just an attention slut. shouldn’t reporters dress a little more professional. You dress cheap you get treated cheap. Welcome to America if you don’t like it go back to Mexico where prostitution is legal and accepted. In short,,, face it you dress like a slut that wants and loves the attention. If you didn’t you would not go on American television and do interviews with anyone that will give you attention. Around here we have a word for you——SLUT.

    2. I think Ines is perfect in every way. She was doing her job…

      men can think with two heads.Hey I know I am one,so they need to leave

      her be.Ines ( honey), its not your problem if your beautiful and smart.

      Ines keep up the good work,and get a job with channel 11 WPIX.

      you go girl.

    3. […] claims the girl who stayed was later fired. A rumor I just made up states the reporter who left was Ines Sainz. […]

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