100 Sexy Girls With Sleeve Tattoos

If you’ve perused our Suicide Girls galleries – here and here, you know we dig body ink. But, what about sleeve tats? The body art commonly associated with male drummers and banned by the Marines can also drop jaws on a pair of lady guns. You might have seen them on Jesse James‘ exes like Janine Lindemulder and Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. Now, you can see even more in our extensive gallery highlighting the princesses with “pipe paint”. Lock ‘n’ load!

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    1. coyle says:

      these girls are gross. seen better.

    2. rose says:

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    3. Unbelievable says:

      Man. It takes great skill to tattoo a pig. The artists who got some of these sows to sit still are amazing!!

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    13. sam says:

      I have a Tumblr full of sexy tattooed girls

    14. Asher says:

      Wow! They all look good with ink. <3

    15. Natalie says:

      Now I want to move to the western countries. You guys have quite a collection. :)

    16. sam says:

      Check out for more tattooed girls!

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