76 Real Israeli Beach Babes to Kick-Off Rosh Hashanah

Jealous of all your Jewish co-workers who are getting the day off for Rosh Hashana? Don’t be. While they’re sitting in temple all day celebrating the Jewish new year, you’re getting the opportunity to check out some of their finest Israeli girls (as if these 44 super sexy girls of the Israel Defense Forces weren’t enough). And we’ll tell you one thing, these girls are NOT dressed appropriately for Synagouge. L’Chaim.

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    1. Gutterville says:

      Isreali chicks are like a 6/10 (its the faces), they're nothing too special not compared to american or brazilian women

    2. Hanz says:

      hope they don't burn

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    5. Beggar says:

      Wow! really nice!

    6. qais says:

      i love Israieli girls. my dreamssssssssssssssssssssss

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