Candice Swanepoel Plays Fantasy Dress Up

Whether or not you want to admit it summer is over, which means Halloween is right around the cover! We haven’t drooled over supermodel Candice Swanepoel for quite some time, so let’s get prematurely in the Halloween mood with these ridiculously sexy photos of Candice  dressing up fantasies that I’ve been dreaming about.. sexy cowgirl, naughty nurse, jaw dropping airline attendant, etc… so stop reading this and enjoy the photos!



    1. Me says:

      Hottest thing ever. Puts Moronda Kerr and all the others to shame!

    2. […] Candice Swanepoel Plays Fantasy Dress Up [PICS] […]

    3. […] Candice Swanepoel Plays Fantasy Dress Up [PICS] […]

    4. […] her official website after this post. She’s a Penn State fan with groovy curves who loves to play fantasy dress up. We’ve crowned her the Sexiest Woman Alive and the Hottest Woman On Earth. To quote Dave […]

    5. […] pop up, we must run to the nearest mountaintop to share it with the world. Hell, we’ll even play dress up with her. Today, we’re thanking Victoria’s Secret for making us swoon for Swanepoel yet again. […]

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