Introducing the Super-Sexy Sandkini (PICS)

If you’ve spent anytime on COED, you know there are plenty of different “bra” variations that have nothing to do with actual lingerie: hand bras, hair bras and now, the sand bra. Also known as the “sand-kini” by, which specializes in this kind of thing, the sand bra is basically as close to topless as a girl can get without showing any bare nipple. And if you ask us, the closer to topless the better. Don’t you agree?



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    2. F.J. says:

      When it comes to photo galleries, I'm usually into pu$$ys and thongs. But this maybe my favorite of all time.

      This makes me wanna jizz in my briefs.

    3. FatMatt says:

      i wish all women would wear sandkinis..

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