Mr. Marisa Miller, Griffin Guess: King of All Douchebags (PICS)

It’s one thing to douche outrageously. But when you do it married to Marisa Miller,  consensus sexiest woman alive, you need fall on a sword or go play in traffic. So, needless to say, you’re on alert, Griffin Guess, better known as Mr. Marissa Miller. Then again, it’s completely natural to hate on a guy when your wife looks like this. While his professional accolades are redeeming, it’s occurrences like these that send douche-o-meter’s into red territory. So slow your bro-ll, Griffin. Fade to black, don’t wear jackets that Barney the dinosaurs street gang wore in their rendition of “West Side Story” and don’t be that guy.



    1. […] There’s a laundry list of reasons Marisa Miller is a Perfect 10. Her smile, her flowing golden locks, her taut torso, and her firm beach butt – take your pick! In this photo shoot from an upcoming issue of Shape, she makes us all drool like extras in Zombieland by showing off her “resume” in a bikini. These are great, but she still looks better in motion. Man, what we would give to be this guy. […]

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