Greek Girl Gone Wild: Wet T-Shirt Contest [12 Photos]

There have been many significant inventions in our lifetime such as the internet, the thong, and the camera phone. But none deserve our respect and praise as much as the wet t-shirt contest. To this day, it’s the only female-only competition that men enjoy truly watching. Unsure of its greatness? Just take a look at these photos from the Greek island, Kyklades, Notio Aigaio.



    1. […] If we only had the $3k to fly over to Greece and really enjoy a Greek weekend with a wet t-shirt contest like this one. Nip stars! Water flying like the Bellagio fountains. This has it all. [Coed] […]

    2. […] Greek Girls gone wild:  Wet T Shirt contest – [COED Magazine] […]

    3. GreekStar™ says:

      hahha .. i was there !

    4. […] gallery and past ‘gone TOO wild’ posts – GGW For Weed, GGTW 2009, GGTW 2010, and Greek GGTW. Now, we present the 2011 edition of girls who party a little too […]

    5. Red Sox says:

      A typical summer in Greece..

    6. wish i was there says:

      Looks like a fun place to be. And she was hot.

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