Alix Bromley: “Epic Boobs” Demotivation Girl Revealed (PICS)

There are some mythic creatures so big, so mythic, so epic that we have trouble believing something so fantastical can live in our midst. For years we assumed the anonymous epic boob girl, famous for appearing on the Epic Boobs motivational poster, was just a photoshopped legend. But now we have definitive proof that she not only exists, but that she has name. Alix Bromley is a real live woman with real live boobs who apparently had some trouble accepting that she’s an internet meme. But she can’t really complain because it’s not like she was copy and pasted into one of these 225 demotivational posters.

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    2. tedrock says:

      few years late there guys…

      1. mb0727 says:

        better late than never

    3. Thank you Alix and a special thanks to your mama…. :)

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    7. fff says:

      she could do better

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    9. martin says:

      nice but not the best av looked at had better m . Glasgow Scotland

    10. sdada says:

      ugly ass boyfriend

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