56 Freakishly-Long-Tongue Girls

Are you a tongue guy? Like do you go absolutely gaga when you come across a fine female with a freakishly long tongue? Do you often find yourself sitting and starring at a lady’s mouth when she’s talking, thinking to yourself, “boy I would love to see the tongue when it’s not all restricted by all those lips and teeth? If you said yes to any of those questions you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up all the sexiest ladies with the longest tongues this side of the freak show circus and compiled them all in one post.



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    2. Lakawak says:

      you realize smoe of these tongues are fake, right?

    3. Kasey says:

      no less than 5 of those are Heidi Hamilton, from the Frosty, Heidi and Frank radio show in California. Her tongue is famous, and not at all fake.

    4. the girls are having very large tongue which is really exciting.keep it growing to create world records. thanks

    5. due to large tongue the girls may sip wine from the bottom of the glass without lowering the appears that the girls desiring to have large tongue like dogs so that they may enjoy physical pleasure of party animals to such an extent which others may only dream of. keep licking sucking.if you like you may keep baby cat or dog on your tongue.just try and feel the pleasure of life time.

    6. Mike Sprite says:

      Many of these long tongue girls are taken from my website. I own the copyright on 6 of these images, in fact. I am the undisputed tongue fetish king since 2001.
      The main image is my top model, Angelfire. And celine, cameron, kaylynn, Jenny .. a few others are my models, too. My photos !
      I hate that you people think you can just take what ever images you want without asking permission.

      1. Imagekeeper says:

        I love it when boring jerks cry over freely-shown 10+ year old images. Get over yourself, Mike.

    7. […] not as surprising as the sight of her freakishly long tongue! As you can tell from our post on freakishly long tongued girls, we think they’re a turn on.¬†Intimidating¬†for sure, but we’re up to the […]

    8. Declan says:

      Ever heard of the internet? Once its on the net it's gone. The internet has no respect for copyright. There is still a non-internet industry though!

      Sorry mate.

    9. […] 56 Freakishly-Long-Tongue Girls 2010 : COED Magazine Jun 23, 2010 … Like do you go absolutely gaga when you come across a fine female with a freakishly long tongue? … […]

    10. moe. says:

      I'm not sure but it seems that when a lady has a long tongue women are the one's who can really really enjoy it, don't get me wrong I'll love to have a lady with a long tongue like them women, however it's the lady who are the one's who can only know what a lady with a long tongue can do to…lol

    11. Darwin says:

      you realize some of those tongues are guys, right?

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