2010 World Cup Bodypaint Babe Bonanza: Chinese Edition [32 Photos]

The action keeps heating up in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and everyone is doing their part cheering on their country’s team. But what if your country sucks at playing soccer… like China?  Well, do what these gorgeous Chinese models have done and give your body to the World Cup. No, we’re not talking about prostitution. We’re talking about using bodypaint to let everyone know exactly what team you’re cheering for. Because nothing says I’ll do whatever it takes to be involved in the excitement like painting yourself with pride.




    1. […] to love the Booty-ful game from Brazil.  Also from the “must see” World Cup Files is the 2010 World Cup Body Paint Babe Bonanza. Filed under: Uncategorized No Comments « Inside the Pro With US Midfielder Clint Dempsey […]

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    7. victor says:

      because none of them has nipples?

    8. […] Povich Wants You To Break Up (BuzzFeed) Hot Suzy Hotness (GorillaMask) Soccer Bodypaint Babes (Coed) Super Mario Beatbox (TheChive) The Funniest Movie Credits of All Time (SuperTremendous) The […]

    9. I'll take the Argentinian please…

    10. […] So the U.S Soccer team lost this weekend to Ghana, which really sucks because rumor has it that 9 out of every 10 American can’t even find Ghana on a map. But how we can go from a second-rate soccer nation to a global star? Just get rid of all the pretty boys with the chiseled abs and let our best athletes play on the team. Oh and make sure that our sexy superfans out do China’s spectacular bodypainting bonanza. […]

    11. Ian Bermundo says:


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    13. chris says:

      can anybody tell me their names

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