7 Awesomely Shocking Movie Deaths

There’s absolutely no point in killing off a movie character who has no name recognition. Like why would we care that Extra #4 was beaten to death with a meat cleaver. No we’re more into killing off the big name movie stars like Drew Barrymore. And if we’re super into seeing A-list stars get murdered in movies, we’re also way into fantasizing about hanging out with these movie losers. Of course we’re only hanging out with them if they promise to stopĀ  blasting the 5 most overrated movie songs on their walkmans.



    1. Loved the horrific family scene in Hills Have Eyes.

    2. […] era that was considered one of the 20th Century’s most brutal. Sambath lost his family in the Killing Fields, which makes this expose so heart-wrenching. He wasn’t the only victim, many others […]

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