10 Greatest Catch Phrases of All-Time

What’s your favorite TV show of all time? Better yet, how about what’s your best catch phrases of all time? You may watch some of your favorite shows just to hear the main character say something that they regularly say during the show. For example, Fred Sanford saying, “You big dummy,” to Lamont Sanford in the TV show, “Sanford and Son.” Maybe you’re a kind of person who loves to hear Bart Simpson say, “Eat my shorts.” Nevertheless, lets take a look at 10 of the some of the best and worst catch phrases etched in your head.

10. “Come on Down, “-The Price is Right

The good old Price is Right show! Imagine the feeling of being called from the audience by Johnny Olson or Rod Roddy to “come on down” and make some money. Bob Barker started hosting the show in 1972 and for 35 years he brought you one of the best game shows ever. What was your favorite game on the show?  Triple play? or how about plinko?


9. “Cowabunga” -Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and pizza eating Michelangelo were your four sewer heroes who saved the world many times from the evil Shredder. Michelangelo’s personality portrayed more to be a teenager around the age of 15 or 16 but when it was time to take action against crime, he transformed his playful ways at the moment he would shout, “Cowabunga.” When we were kids, our eyes were big and filled with joy when the, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” movie hit the big screens in 1990. The turtles movie was the topic of the lunchroom in elementary school and guess what your halloween costume would be that year? The answer to that question is sitting in your old toy box that you still keep in your bedroom!


8. ” Did I Do That?” -Steve Urkel

Steve Urkel, one of the most nerve wrecking human beings that ever walked the face of the Earth. The show, “Family Matters,” which ran for 8 years became the second longest U.S. running sitcoms  besides The Jeffersons, starred a nerdy young man named Steve Urkel that annoyed his next door neighbors each and everyday. At the same time he was extremely in love with Laura Winslow but she wouldn’t give him a chance until nearly the end of the sitcom. In the meantime, Urkel’s “oops,” and, “destructive ways,” drove people crazy. At the end of messing up, he would always look around and say, “Did I do that?” There were plenty of times, Carl Winslow wanted to rip him apart with his bare hands!


7. “I’ll Be Back” -Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger made his fame during his movie series with, “The Terminator.” The man definitely played a mean role as he rarely cracked a smile, while fighting crime with his robotic movements. But don’t think you’re getting away from the terminator because he will be back and the next time he returns won’t be a pretty sight to see. He will fight for justice until the last wire in his brain burns out!


6. “What You Talking About Willis?” – Gary Coleman

Sure Gary Coleman might have become a cliche punchline in the years nearing his death. But during the prime of his career he was responsible for introducing a catchphrase that has since become a the ultimate response to your friends when they’re talking nonsense. All it takes is a simple “What you talking about Willis” to remind your friend that he’s not only babbling on about nothing, but that you’re a huge 80’s sitcom fan. Gary Coleman may be gone, but we’re pretty sure this catchphrase will outlast all the drama surrounding his death.


5. “Here’s Johnny!!”- Ed McMahon

Ed McMahon made his fame as Johnny Carson’s announcer on, “The Tonight Show.” His opening introduction for Mr. Carson was about as long as his life as he recently passed away last year after living a good 86 long years. When the show came on, viewers would hear “Heeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!!” and it would seem to last about a good 10 seconds before actually seeing Johnny. Here’s another phrase that you may have caught yourself saying to your friends and family. Especially when your uncle or somebody is throwing a party and you call yourself making a grand entrance by arriving late. Most of you have substituted “Johnny” and put your own name for replacement only to find out that your put together remix just didn’t coincide with the original version.


4. “Yabba Dabba Doo!!”- Fred Flintstone

Some of us feel the same way Fred Flintstone felt when it’s time to get off work. The way he slide down that dinosaur yelling, “Yabba dabba doo,” knowing it’s time to clock out and head home after a long hard working day. Do you shout yabba dabba doo when you leave work? Some of your co-workers might look at you funny. But Fred wasn’t the only one attached to the phrase. It basically ran in the Flintstone family because Pebbles shows a side of her father when she marries Bam Bam and says the phrase during her wedding ceremony. Maybe getting an A on your next exam or hitting the lottery will make those words come spilling off your tongue.


3. “D’Oh!” -Homer Simpson

 Sometimes, things are just not going your way and you feel like the world is crashing down on you every second. Well, Homer felt this way alot of times. Especially when he got hit in the face, things went wrong on the job, or just the thought of things going wrong in his life that even made his stomach grow bigger. If you’re saying this phrase then you seriously need to slow down on the Simpsons dvd collections. Imagine your parents or even your friends saying, “D’Oh.” You might want to make sure that person took their medication that morning. But nevertheless, Homer’s classic phrase will always be remembered.


2. “The Plane, The Plane”- Tattoo

Did Tattoo ever see the plane? The TV show, “Fantasy Island,” featured a character named Tattoo who would run up the main bell tower to ring the bell and shout, “The plane, the plane,” to announce the arrival of new guests coming to the island. Manyof us may not be familiar with this phrase but our parents surely would remember the worldwide recognized actor who played the assistant for Mr. Roarke on the show.


1. “Eh, What’s Up Doc?” -Bugs Bunny

Elmer Fudge and Yosemite Sam just couldn’t catch Bugs Bunny. Even with a carrot in his mouth and a shotgun staring down his eyes, Bugs Bunny showed no fear. He just taunted his enemies with his best defense: his words. Every time Fudge and Sam thought they had the rabbit cornered, he would slip away again. Maybe Bugs Bunny was just trying to make conversion with the guys but they wanted to have rabbit meat for dinner instead. It’s perfectly fine to use this slang phrase when talking to friends. Besides, you want to stay hip with the clique right? Doc Rivers, coach of the Boston Celtics, probably gets this phrase said to him quite often.

Robert DavisCOED Writer