The World’s Largest Bodypaint Soccer Babe Bonanza 2010

Playing soccer in South Africa can get extremely hot. And we’re not just talking about #1 soccer WAG, Abigail Clancy. We’re talking about the greatest players in the world sweating their asses off as they try to become the world champions. And that’s why we’re proposing they check out these super sexy bodypainted soccer uniforms that allow them to show team pride without having to put on any clothing.



    1. wools says:

      Damn, who's the Swedish model???

    2. Steve says:

      Where are the same pics with out the Soccer balls covering important areas?

    3. cookienihui says:

      nice. Hey guys, are you looking for NSA or serious relationship with REAL cougars. Or maybe find a sugarmomma who can pay all your needs?

      ==:: C o u g a r a . c o m ::== is dedicate to get REAL cougars, sexy sugarmommas and cubs find each other. Keep it real please!!

    4. forge says:

      Silly, silly, silly. Completely bare*ss naked women with a little bit of greasepaint over their fun parts, but you put a blockout over their genitals. Make up your minds guys, are you a naughty-pics site or not?

    5. Beautiful work girls!

    6. that's g says:

      where are the pics minus soccer balls covering the good parts?

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