48 Sexy Donut Hos to Celebrate National Donut Day

There’s no holiday that celebrates the American spirit more than National Donut Day. After all it’s the only holiday that proudly and shamelessly contributes to obesity, heart disease, and the contestant pool on The Biggest Loser. Want to join in on the fun without having to get two seats on an airplane? Check out our stunningly sexy gallery of hot girls eating donuts.



    1. […] 48 Sexy Donut Hoes (COED Magazine) […]

    2. […] others realize that they’re eating those donuts to honor women donut servers.  I use it as a chance to post hot chicks.  We all have our reasons.Hot chicks with donuts after the jump….Thanks to our buds at COED […]

    3. […] these girls dance than when ours do.Trust me.  You’ll see what I mean.  This is a great gallery of Latina Cheerleaders…See how they’re all lined up like that? Now that’s how the Bunny Ranch should […]

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