This is Your Pet on Drugs (40 PICS)

Think the oil spill is bad? Think the recession is a downer? Think again. There’s a growing drug problem in America that’s only going to get worse as the liberal media continues to ignore it. America’s pets are getting high and they’re getting stoned and they’re ordering pizza at 3 A.M. Are you in denial that your very own Fido or Fluffy could be firing up the ole bong when you’re at work? Check out the photos below and start praying that VH1 does a season of celebrity pet rehab.
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    1. J. Kraut says:

      What a waste of time.

      People have nothing better to do than edit photos of animals "taking drugs" and "drinking?"

      Possibly you are unaware there is real animal abuse going on?

      I just don't find this funny but to each his/her own (pathetic as it is)

    2. R. Haas says:

      I son't find it pet abuse as it's obvious most of the pets are asleep and their owners have placed bottles by their mouths. I do not like the owners putting cigarettes to their mouths, as some animals once exposed to tobacco are known to eat cigarette butts out of the owner's ashtray, just as some idiot parents do to their children, who will do the same thing, only they do become addicted to the tobacco if they eat the cigaretts, and that is child abuse as are some of the pics of dogs posed with cigarettes, animal abuse, especially obce their owners laugh and find it amusing, so the pets will soon do it on their own, as if performing tricks to please their owners.

      I have a picture of my ten year old Dachshund sitting up in her own chair, a trick she taught herself to do as a pup, and one that is bad for them, but no matter how many times I push her down or tell her no, get down, she will seconds later she pop back up again, and I don't know how to break her of it. She is a really long Doxie, so sitting up is not something she should be doing, if even for a few seconds.

      Many of these pictures are comical as they are obviously posed while the pet slept, not that the owner gave them a bottle of liquor to drink. Take most of them with a grain of salt and if you don't like them, don't look or if you feel that strongly, report the pictures to the ASPCA, but these aninals look well fed and happy, not abused animals.

    3. patti says:

      What are these people thinking? What they are doing to their pets is far from cute or funny, some of the photos even have lit cigarettes in them….Would they pose their infants in these shots? This article should never have been put up, these people don't need any further encouragement.

    4. laraine says:

      What the hell is the matter with people to do something like this to their animals, and for you to even publish it, idiots who didnt think about doing something like this surely would now. sick cannot describe the minds of those that not only poison their bodies but those of defenseless animals, their is surely a place in hell for them

    5. nancy says:

      Not funny at all. All it takes is some dumb ass teenie bopper to see these and think theyre "cool" and start shooting shotgun smoke, and giving there pets alcohol. Its down right stupid. Yea, the animals appear to be allright, but to me its promoting animal abuse. Publish pics of something else, that will promote responsible pet ownership!!!

    6. Phyllis says:

      I'm in complete agreement with the other writter, that is discusting what people will do to their pets.

    7. Ann DVM says:

      Please really this will lead to animal abuse! How did you raise your children? No more than listening to music will lead to killing people. It all has to do with morals you dumba__. I don't care what any of you have to say. I grew up in the slums, and I saw it all. I was raised properlly. I was given morals and ethics and that is what it is all about. These are pictures, what is funny to one may not be funny to others. Isn't that how the world is? If you want perfect life die. You don't have any of this and no opinions and life is bliss. Or better yet don't go to the sites, live in a bubble because obviously you can't handle other peoples way of enjoying something that is funny even if it is fake! Really

    8. Fay says:

      this whole world is going crazy. It is not bad enough for people to get strung out on drugs, they have to give it to their dogs!

    9. mary says:


    10. Norma says:

      Two words: Animal Abuse.

      One word for James, whose name is at the top of the article: JERK!

    11. Dawnie says:

      WOW! GREAT advertisement for the University of Texas. I'm sure parents around the country are standing in line to get their "childrens" tuition paid to get 'um into that there fine college. It's not only the dumb asses doing this to the animals that should be held accountable, but what about the UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS allowing their name to be directly linked to photos like these?

      So UoA, mabe ya'll mite git bake ta skewlin are youngons instead of permotin stewpid.

      Wow, to think that I was proud to tell people where I attended college. What happened James? Did it get lonely in the spotlight? You made all of us look like a bunch of ignorant jackasses. Thanks a lot you moron.

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    13. Dawnie says:

      Gee, AnnDVM (above), you sound like such a well rounded, educated woman. You must have served the old neighborhood well teaching the poor how to get out without losing their "high" standards, morals and ethics. You are an inspiration to us all!

      Thank You for sharing such wisdom.

      No,no it's quite alright. No further posts or wear and tear to your keyboard necessary. You have done a wonderful job making your values and opinions clear to all. That said, I have seen quite enough and will happily take your advice and never look at this site, or hopefully that sight again.


    14. Diana says:

      Whoever put this together has WAAAAAAAY too much time on their hands. Go volunteer at GOODWILL. Go volunteer at HOSPICE. Do something of VALUE.

      This is SUCH a waste of time and energy.

    15. Carla Benefield says:

      I've been an animal parent for over 50+ years and I find this to be rather disturbing. Cats are being mistreated by giving them tobacco products. Animals can get cancer just as easily as humans from your stupid pranks. Some I realize are just that, 'stupid pranks', but allowing an animal to be near a dangerous substance like nicotine is just morally wrong.

      Apparently, you have no concept as to how hot the end of a cigarette is, I hope the animals never have to find out.

      I hope you folks will grow the "F" up.

    16. There's gonna be some sick puppies tommorow!

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