88 Badass MacGyver Bongs

Forget the stoner stereotypes about smokers being lazy, apathetic, and hungry. Turns out they’re a bunch of regular MacGyvers when it comes to turning everyday household objects into state of the art bongs. Literally everything from a pineapple to a Tic-Tac case is fair game when it comes to these amateur engineers getting high.



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    6. I love the Hello Kitty one!

    7. Phil E. Drifter says:

      You got the same pic in there twice, the one of the kid outside with the N64 controller bowl.

    8. please says:

      please stop smoking out of plastic!!!!!!!!!!! and aluminum foil too!

    9. Tom says:

      One of these is that one that the guy stuffed the fucking cat into.

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    11. pimpin says:

      most of these suck. I do like the bubbler made out of the pepper shaker and a couple others but it is just sick to smoke out of aluminum foil, plastic, tape, or glue!!

    12. Casey Parker says:

      Personally, I want to know more about that ice bong … that thing looks amazing. Probably only good for one good hit though.

    13. rococo says:

      I made a pipe out of a strawberry once, it was ridiculous, but awesome.

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    17. raging_stoner says:

      Does anyone else hear a voice blabbing on about jet dry? I think it's coming from this site… I can't find the ad to close it! I mean, am I supposed to be like, "I don't mind having my music interrupted, I think I'll go by some fucking jet dry"??!! That's the worst idea for advertising ever! Internet advertising can be so incongruous I don't see how it can possibly work…
      On another note, I may just try one or two of these if faced with a desperate situation. However I prefer my traditional glass bongabonga

    18. gamenac says:

      Aluminum is a great way to make some crazier bowls or pipes actually. It may taste kind of bad, mostly because you're breathing in smoke through a cheaper metal, but it doesn't burn when exposed to a regular bic lighter.

    19. yes we Cannabis! says:

      this is why people look down on us weed smoking fornicaters (what my dad calls me after getting cought) make somthing f*cking legit like bamboo and a beach shell
      drill small holes in a common shell u find on the beach make sure its thick enough that it wont break in your hands while your drilling and just find some thick but thin bamboo once you cut a section off it should be the diamiter of a dime
      carve a mouth piece at one end and at the top side of the othor end cut an oval hole for the shell and get a very very thin layer of gorilla glue and put it on the ege of your cut be carfull and make sure the glue wont get burned or get in the way of the holes on the shell the glue will expand and make an air tight seal

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