Mom Shooting Tess Taylor Nude in Shower is “Pretty Wild”… Definitely Bizarre (15 NSFW Screen Grabs)

Pretty Wild’s Tess Taylor may have perfect boobs, but her living situation is far from it.  In fact, it’s pretty damn bizarre.  Take the opening sequence in last week’s episode on E!.  The Playboy 2010 Cyber Girl of the Year is taking a shower and calls for her Mother to bring her a towel.  The next thing you know, her Mother and her 15 year-old sister are in the bathroom with her setting up an impromptu nude photo shoot.  Here is the play by play in pictures:

Tess calls to her Mother to bring her a towel.

Her Mother (former Playboy Playmate Andrea Arlington) Brings her a towel.


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Andrea and Tess talk about on how amazing Tess’ boobs are.


Andrea calls for Tess’s 15 year-old sister Gabby to come take a look

Tess’ sister examines the goods.

Andrea and Gabby both agree Tess’ boobs are amazing and decide to get a camera and a bounce card to shoot some photos.

Tess agrees.

The photo shoot begins.







    1. Adam says:

      Amazing, the woman has no nipples.

    2. What the fuck is going on in this freaky family?

    3. bubba says:

      People can hate but i like the direction the country is going in.

    4. I wish i was the cameraman for this photoshoot… I wld be hv one of the luckiest men ever…

    5. ugh says:

      wtf is wrong with her bellybutton?

    6. Right . . . says:

      Can we please stop calling these shows "reality TV"? This is obviously staged. Nobody "really" takes a shower with a TV camera crew in the bathroom.

    7. LOL says:

      her nipples are blurred out

    8. MarkH says:

      if i was the cameraman shooting this shoot, the camera would be on a tripod, get rid of the mother and sister and i would be turning it into a home porno!

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    10. jmark! says:

      ok listen. to clear things up. one her nipples are being fuzzed out! lol and two no one in that show is really related to her. she is just doing all that for the show. the arlingtons and tess are just friends from there childhood i grew up with tess.

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    12. lostn4gtn says:

      i think her nipples have been STOLEN!

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