81 Reasons Miss Oklahoma Morgan Woolard Should Have Won Miss USA

Where is the outrage and where is the media backlash on the Miss USA pageant injustice? Last night Miss Michigan won the crown despite being significantly less attractive than the insanely gorgeous Miss Oklahoma Morgan Elizabeth Woolard who is also the WAG of Oklahoma Sooner basketball star Cade Davis. While we would normally never pit two attractive ladies against each other it would be unfair and unpatriotic for us not show you the smokeshow who should have won. Look at these pictures and then try telling us that the right woman is wearing the crown.

Note: Miss USA 2010 winner Rima Fakih of Michigan is a stripper and may have her crown taken away which will make Morgan Elizabeth Woolard the Miss USA 2010 champ. Check out newly leaked pictures of Rima Fakih working the pole!

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    1. Nicnac says:

      Those so called 'stripper' pics feature a fully dressed woman.

      And for all you know about Morgan Elizabeth Woolard, there may be a porn tape from a former boyfriend waiting to be released. It seems to be the trend these days.

    2. girly1 says:

      I agree with Nicnac. Don't judge a person unless you truly know who they are. I actually think both girls are pretty.

    3. Mock says:

      You folks know good and well little miss blondy blond isn’t ethnic enough to win. I’d expect a magazine that blasted the Arizona immigration law to understand that. Wake up folks today it’s the obviously more attractive blond loosing the “beauty” pageant tomorrow well be electing officials to high ranking offices based on their ethnic diversity and not on body of work or experience, We’ll know it’s real bad when we start giving out Nobel prizes because of liberal agenda and ethnicity, minus any real accomplishment. Racism is wrong no matter who the culprit is or the victim. Back to point Miss Oklahoma was robbed to be honest when I saw the pictures this morning of the winner my first thoughts were “I’ll bet that wasn’t the best looking contestant by a long shot”. And when I saw she was an Arabic American it hit “the PC police have landed.

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    5. Dick Hertz says:

      What a bunch of crybaby bullshit. Just like the crybaby whining about that jesus freak with the fake tits in California. Bitching about who wins a beauty contest or chanting "white power" cause the Okie didn't win is pathetic and girlish. Go watch Glee on the Hulu and complain about that.

    6. Hans Slobo says:

      Are you fucking retarded? This woman looks like 20 other girls if I walk over to Times square. Rima is hot. This blonde bimbo is a dime a dozen. You're outta your mind.

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    8. Richard Heyn says:

      So, you have some pretty pictures of Miss Oklahoma. So what? I have known and dated prettier women. Maybe she lost because her beauty is only skin deep.

      The racist Christian and right-wing bigots are hard at work trying to bring down the new Miss USA. The "pole-dancer" story is just one of their lies; a harmless situation expanded into an untruth. But that's not unusual for them. They are infuriated by a black man sitting in the Oval Office of the White House.

      Rima should wear her crown with pride.

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    10. Planeswalker says:

      Nicnac: you don't know Morgan so don't judge. These pics will be the only "dirt" anyone digs up on her.

      Hans Slobo: blonde bimbo? Morgan might be blonde, but she's no bimbo. She actually has a head on her shoulders and she's probably smarter than you and everyone else you know.

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    12. farles chew says:

      "Unpatriotic"? Wow, nothing like a little jingoistic racism with your assless butter-face blonde.

    13. dre says:

      No surprise that you guys wanted the typical blonde big titted girl to win… its so American!! Maybe for once they were trying to encourage something besides the atypical all american girl next door image. You do realize that not all people find that the hottest right, I mean there are different ethnicities in the States now. Its time to kick the stereotypical hotties to the curb and start embracing other types and ethnicities of other women, its a much deserved change!

    14. KRS says:

      How many men on this board would have the heart, the balls to go up and ask either one of those girls for their number? For those who think the blonde is hotter, can you get a blonde like her? Do you have the wit, charm, style, success to excite a woman like her? And if you think the Arab girl is hotter, how do you think you stack up against all the men competing for her affection. This is about who’s good with women and who’s not. Leave the politics for health care or nuclear arms policy. White, Brown, Black, whatever, the only color I care about is PINK!

    15. AZGirl says:

      I believe that Miss Michigan had no right winning this.. First off, She had lower scores then all the top five, her answer sounded ridiculous to the question asked and she acted like she barley could speak English and lastly she is not even from the USA.. This is no Miss Universe!!! Miss Oklahoma is beautiful and well spoken she got great scores throughout the pageant, should have won.. end of story!

    16. Joe says:

      Wow, the racism here is pretty thick. Miss Michigan is "significantly less attractive" than Miss Blondie Okie? First off, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; what might be "hot" to you might be "butterface" to me, and vice versa. Second, why do you think Miss Michigan is "significantly less attractive" and thus it was "unpatriotic" that she won? Afraid of the darkies? Think Miss Michigan had a dynamite vest instead of Miss OK's dynamite chest? Worried that someone who doesn't look like Barbie won the crown, and therefore the good ol' US of A is somehow less pure? Let's sweep the immigrants out, and make sure our pure Aryan blood reigns supreme! Sieg Hiel!

      And yeah, those pictures were from a dance contest, and showed less skin and were less raunchy than official shots from the pageant. Rima Fakih is not a stripper. Nice try, though.

      White power!

    17. Joe says:

      Oh, and AZGirl, way to represent Arizona's education system.

      When will the racists ever learn that before you impugn someone else's mastery of the English language, you should at least run a spell-check of your own idiocy? "… she acted like she barley could speak English." I think she could easily wheat, oat, and millet speak English.

    18. Mock says:

      I just looked at the numbers and the interview question Miss Oklahoma was given and the only retards in this case are the ones that can justify this outcome you hypocritical racist bastard libs make me want to puke! I didn’t even watch the thing but just looking at their close-ups Miss Oklahoma has much better features and way out scored Miss Michigan in swim suite and evening gown than was give a loaded question that likely the judge knew her opinion on. Torpedo the blond haired blue eyed girl it’s the liberal bastard way.

    19. jake says:

      So because Miss Oklahoma has fake blonde hair and fake tits she should be Miss USA? Completely disregarding the fact that she is a racist? Wow, that would really make our country look great! I'm glad Rima won because she is politically not an embarrassment to our country.

    20. broseph says:

      it's definitely not fair to refer to rima as a stripper from one harmless incident in which she did no stripping at all. i'm sure all the contestants have done stuff as wild as what rima did or even wilder. it's just not been documented and publicized like the media has done for this girl. i think it's immature that you racists have to go apeshit over a beauty contest. and like the other guy said, you can find blondes like the one shown above across the street. congratulations to rima.

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