Drunken Freakness at Preakness (80 Photos)

Leave the horse racing and hot girls in big hats to the Kentucky Derby because Preakness is all about getting completely hammered. We’ve rounded up drunk pictures so incriminating that you’ll be amazed that they even got put online. And if you think these are bad, just wait until this year. All it takes is $40 to get in, $20 to get access to an open bar all day, and $1000 to get a hearse to bring you home.




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    2. Dickd says:

      Bunch of entitled white boy jock hicks. This is what's wrong with the west.

    3. Twitch says:

      It's not in the west…

    4. thiswebsiteblocked says:

      More Hot Girls at

    5. Dickd says:

      …civilization. You full retard.

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    9. The Duke says:

      Yep. The full existence of the U S of A. We don't see that crap in Europe.

    10. God bless America!

    11. […] sucks, the chances are pretty strong that you’ve woken up the next day feeling pretty darn good (because you were still drunk) — not knowing what you did, who you did, or how in the world you got home. You party often […]

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