32 Amateur Jessica Alba Ass Pose Attempts

Every once in a while a celebrity does something so amazing and so awe inspiring that we have to devote an entire post to her genius. Four years ago Jessica Alba wowed the world with an ass pose so perfect and so sexy that we named it the Alba ass shot. And just because it’s impossible to improve upon perfection, doesn’t mean that countless amateurs are sticking out their asses and trying their hardest to recreate magic.
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    1. […] 32 amateur Jessica Alba ass pose attempts (COED Magazine) […]

    2. locker217 says:

      lol, #37 has me all hot and bothered.

    3. […] 2010 Playmate Tammy “Sunny” Sytch’s Situation Miranda Kerr Covers GQ in June Amateurs Attempt the Alba Pose Tori Praver Beautiful at ‘Biutiful’ Google’s Celebrity Crystal […]

    4. […] their comfort zone and take on different roles. It’s also funny to watch sexy starlets like Jessica Alba go from superhero to penguin doctor to stripper to prostitute. Ben’s little bro (Casey […]

    5. […] do we love boobs so much? And for the ass men out there, what is so compelling about a tight, well-formed, luscious, […]

    6. […] Jessica Alba teams up with director Robert Rodriguez for the first time since 2005 when she played the sultry Nancy Callahan in Sin City.  This go round, Jessica plays Sartana, a beautiful Immigrations Officer torn between enforcing the law and doing what is right.  What’s right for us is Jessica’s back sporting her pre-baby body and with any luck we’ll see her sporting that famous Jessica Alba Bikini Ass pose. […]

    7. […] Girl of Machete and eco-friendly actress has perfected the ass-out pose prompting numerous copycats. DNA tests on Lopez Tonight (really?) showed she’s 13% Native American while other sites report […]

    8. […] Hump Club member entered our world. About two decades later, she perfected what has become known as The Jessica Alba Ass Pose. Many have tried to recreate this provocation position, but few can match Alba’s ability to […]

    9. […] the streets knows the hand bra, arm bra, sand bra, and the hair bra. But what about the Vilena? The Alba Ass? The Point of Boob? The Poon Dune? Yeah, we take posing to a whole ‘nother level. Well, one […]

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