Marisa Miller’s Hotness Says F*#k Off To Katy Perry

Now this is more like it! Earlier this week, Maxim’s annual Hot 100 List was released and Katy Perry, of all people, took the number one spot. Yes, I had my problems with the ranking, but I respected Maxim’s decision… mainly because of Katy Perry’s uber cleavage. So, today we get yet another annual hottie list, and this time it’s FHM’s Sexiest Woman on The Planet, and boy do they get it right… the bodacious Marisa Miller has been named the Sexiest Woman on the planet!



    1. Sweet Okole says:

      Thank God that at least FHM would get it right. Half of Maxim’s Top 10 is a joke.

    2. […] one thing to douche outrageously. But when you do it married to Marisa Miller,  consensus sexiest woman alive, you need fall on a sword or go play in traffic. So, needless to say, you’re on alert, […]

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