Introducing the Point of Boob… a.k.a. The Adrianne Curry Pose [22 Photos]

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re absolutely, undeniably completely obsessed with boobs. And sometimes we get caught up in all the many ways you can look at boobs. From sexy strangers posing in mirrors to a comprehensive guide to SFW boobs (we dare your boss to complain) we’ve covered it all. But today we go back to simpler times and remind ourselves exactly why we love boobs.

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    1. Pete says:

      my, my…what a view…my vote goes to the last one

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    5. O´Slow. says:

      Can´t just vote between knockers!

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    7. casa says:

      wow between this appel i find my way never i lost again.

    8. So this is how it is to live as boobies!

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    11. all i can say is wow !!

    12. pdq says:

      All I can say is – they all look so fake so I don't understand how that can be exciting. Natural boobs tend to splay out sideways when a female lies flat on her back. All those little bumps are still sticking up in the air like mountains, but women who have them are not natural and real. Ughhhh!

    13. fakemuch says:

      I agree! Need to show some boobs that are not paid for!!

    14. […] Gallery: >> […] […]

    15. lilgtogirl says:

      Damn I have big boobs; this pose is for the little girls that have to be almost upside down for theirs to look big. Maybe they should have paid for D’s ;)

    16. suzzi says:

      90% of those boobs were fake and look totally ridiculous. Only pathetic, immature men or boys would find that attractive!

    17. adhi says:

      wowwww… nice boob's :D

    18. tama says:


      one way to find out if they're real or not..let her lie down like this!

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