The 4 Worst Hangover Remedies


When you wake up from a night of drinking with a raging hangover, the only thing you can think about for the rest of the day is how to kick that pounding headache and nasty nausea as soon as humanly possible. Because of this, anything that seems like it might help you get even close to normal sounds like a good idea. That said, here are the four hangover remedies you should avoid more than that last shot of tequila.


4. Drinking Pickle Juice

Packed-full of salt, this popular Polish remedy replenishes your system with much-needed electrolytes, helping to stop that throbbing headache. However, while nibbling a crisp, cold dill might not seem like such a bad thing to do while suffering from a hangover, just thinking about chugging a glass of green pickle juice might make you want to puke more than the alcohol poisoning. Then again, you could just eat one of these



3. Body Burial

According to some fairly untrustworthy sources, the Irish have an old traditional hangover cure that involves burying yourself up to your neck in river sand. Now, we’ve never tried this one ourselves, but we’re guessing it only works because of how much sweat pours out of your body while digging the giant hole you have to climb into. By the time you’re done with the vomit-inducing manual labor, anything will seem like a relief.



2. Tripe Soup

Popular around the world, in countries like Romania and Mexico, which have no problem eating horribly disgusting sh!t, tripe soup takes the honor as top hangover remedy. Made from the lining of a cow’s stomach and spiced with chile, garlic and other attention-grabbing seasonings, tripe soup actually does little for your hangover – other than causing so much spicy pain in your mouth that you for forget about your throbbing forehead. So if you’re hungover and don’t have any tripe laying around, just crack yourself in the knee with a hammer – it’ll be just as good.



1. Not Drinking

The only thing worse than feeling like you’re going to hurl if you do much more than blink is to be told that your best bet would have been to not drink so much in the first place (like you didn’t already f**king think of that). So on top of your nausea, headache and overall sense of bodily doom, now you have to deal with being angry, too. Might as well just have someone kick you in the balls and call it a day.

NOTE: To actually fix your hangover, just mix up a bloody Mary, pop a couple Excedrin, hit a bowl, down some corned beef hash and eggs and you’ll be fine.



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    3. Burt says:

      Best hang-over cure is: More beer!! Hair of the dog!!!!

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    5. Annie says:

      Number 4 is me.

      Hungover? Well, maybe you shouldn't have been drinking so much.

      Tired? Well, maybe you should have gone to bed earlier.


      I have super low tolerance for people who do things (especially super stupid things like drinking when they have to get up for class) and have the audacity to complain about the choices they willingly made.

      I make my friends so mad.

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    7. dan says:

      f u , "tripe" soup tastes awesome

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    9. James says:

      I'll agree with all of those except tripe soup. I've never tried it.

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    12. Waltz08 says:

      I actually drink pickle juice sometimes, because I like the taste, and Menudo is fucking good. Never used em for a hangover cure though, best cure is to puke before you go to sleep.

    13. Jenn says:

      THC The Hangover Cure works decently well. Google it. It's not the perfect cure but it does help more than anything else I have tried and I have tried a lot, there really is no miracle cure. You do notice a difference though.

    14. Ryan Greiss says:

      I recommend a Klonopin (or other benzodiazepine), two Percocet, two Excedrine, a Gatorade or two, and an Aspirin.

    15. Paco says:

      Tripe soup works great from personal experience. In order for it work you have to be moments from felling like you are going to hurl all over the place. It really helps honestly.

    16. Mariagrafs says:

      This is something worst that's not usually tried. But a worth information

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