140 Freaking-Awesome Prom Fail Photos

According to the movies, prom is supposed to be the most magical, wonderful night of every student’s young life. From the anticipation over who will be crowned prom queen to the stress of pinning on a corsage without stabbing your date, everyone eagerly awaits this night. But for some people this night of dreams turns into a Facebook album of horrors. Here are 140 people who should have skipped the excitement and stayed home.

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    1. cdro says:

      when will ya'll finally incorporate a slideshow mechanism for these types of photos?

    2. Mariagrafs says:

      Oh these photos are really horrible. They should have rather stayed away from this.

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    4. Worldly says:

      Ha ha, great idea but maybe better navigation next time. Thanks for the laugh

    5. deep-fryers says:

      Some of these were from a contest a high school hosts each year.

      Kids make the best duct tape prom outfit, and they win a scholarship.

    6. Retroboy says:

      Half of these are not prom pictures at all. One is from a hair-styling contest.

      The guidos made me laugh though.

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    8. Navin Ale says:

      It is amazing.

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    12. Kal says:

      I'm sorry, but how is Prom Fail 122 a fail? He's wearing a maile lei, which is a very common substitute for the traditional boutonniere in Hawai'i. Girls will often give their prom dates a maile lei.

    13. jacket says:

      I got through about 4 clicks before I decided it just wasn't worth it. I can see the same thing at applebees on prom night.

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    15. Porn Panda says:

      At what point did these people think "Hey, you know what would look cool…"

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