Tribute to the Glorious Underbutt

Here at COED we pride ourselves on always being one step ahead of what’s sexy. We were showing you underboob while everyone else was still on sideboob. We brought you Sweet Ass Tuesdays when everyone else still humming the “Thong Song“. We gave you hair bras while everyone else was still figuring out how a bra works.  And today we’re proud to once again bring you the latest and greatest phenomenon in Hottness. We present you with a tribute to the glorious underbutt.


Now Enjoy…Top 6 Hottest Pic Links On The Web!



    1. The dude says:

      underbutt montage vid

    2. […] are visual creatures, so when we see a hot women that’s revealing a lot of skin, we start looking and looking […]

    3. What a great gallery!

    4. […] Sexy (TotalProSports) 15 Awesome Volcano Eruptions (SuperTremendous) Behold the Sexy Underbutt (Coed) What They Don’t Tell You About Disneyland (Cracked) This is why Women Are Nuts (LemonDrop) […]

    5. […] For eksempel denne artikel “Tribute to the Glorious underbutt” […]

    6. […] A Tribute to the Glorious Underbutt [COED] […]

    7. Name says:

      Can't believe you didn't publish the names of these girls!! What an injustice!!!

    8. Glorious says:

      Wow this is great. COED you have something pretty awesome here! You have a monopoly on the underbutt at the moment, you're only site that has something like this. Would be very wise to exploit it!

    9. […] mini-skirts. We’re talking skirts so short that you’re going to get flashbacks to our tribute to the glorious underbutt. So pull up your chair real close to your screen because you’re going to have a rough time […]

    10. […] it’s excellent for the hand-eye coordination, and tennis chicks sport plenty of under-ass in their little tennis skirts.  I can’t complain about that.  But, then again, tennis is […]

    11. […] Cosmo reported that thongs are no longer en vogue – do you […]

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