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60 Boobquake Girls Who Will Rock Your World

Here in America we can’t even pronounce the name of the latest natural disaster, let alone figure out what’s causing it. Over in the Middle East however, Iranian prayer leader, Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi, claims that earthquakes are without a doubt caused by women dressing indecently. AKA E! is directly responsible for the downfall of the Earth. In order to prove him wrong, thousands of “indecently dressed” women are gathering today to show him that exposed cleavage has no logical link to earthquakes. Obviously we’re fully supporting Boobquake 2010, and we’ve even put together a little preview of everything you’re going to be seeing later today. We recommend getting under a desk before you start browsing…because if  this Iranian Prayer Leader turns out to be right, this post is about to cause one heck of a natural disaster.

(click thumbnail to see full image)


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