How to Spot the One-Night-Stand Girl

You know, there’s a big difference between college guys and college girls. OK, so we all like to party, most of us like to get drunk, we all hate early-morning classes…but there’s one aspect of college life that really separates the males from and females. That is, of course, sex. There’s a permanent and traditional divide between college sex for guys and college sex for girls. The main difference being that no matter where you college guys go, whether it’s to a party, a club or even a sociology class, you are hoping for sex. And not just hoping for sex, but hoping for no-strings, no-commitment, and no-attachment fun sex.

College girls, on the other hand, vary slightly is this area. Don’t get me wrong; sometimes (a lot of the time actually) we do go out solely with the intention of finding crazy, carefree sex with a nearby stranger. This is the freedom we have as college students, to be able to engage in such promiscuity with no remorse at all. We want a fun one night stand, just as much as the hot frat guy lying in bed next to us.

The difference is that, unlike you hormone-fueled guys, we girls often go out for many other reasons other than to find random sex. So how do you tell a girl who is looking for a guy just like you to rock her world for one passion-filled evening from a girl who wants a goodnight kiss on the cheek and a bouquet of flowers at her door in the morning?

Believe me, we give you enough hints for you to figure it out. Here are some great tips for ensuring you have the perfect one night stand. But before you start trying to charm your way into my bed, make sure you know exactly what I’m looking for.

1. My Clothes

Take my clothes: A short skirt might just mean I want to look nice for a night out with the girls…but a super-short dress showing a whole lot of cleavage probably means I’m looking for something more. Now, if it were in a serious relationship, chances are I’d cover up enough so that guys would be attracted to me, but they wouldn’t make assumptions about me. If I look slutty, I realize I look slutty and have chosen not to care. That is one-night-stand material.

2. My Make-Up

I’m not going to wear really heavy make-up if I’m going for drinks with colleagues and my devoted boyfriend is at home waiting for me. Red lipstick means I’m after something wild and unpredictable, and I’m not going to go home until I get it. If I’m trying to impress a guy enough for him to take me home or even for him to ask me for my number, I’m probably not going to be wearing my hair in a ponytail. A girl makes an effort for her friends, but looking dazzling takes work, and if I’m going to that much effort, it’s probably not just for the benefit of my girlfriends.

3. My Vibe

It’s not just about the way I look, though. If I’m hanging out at the bar all night scoring drinks off ten different guys, I don’t have a boyfriend (unless I’m one of those girls – in which case, steer clear!). I’m also probably not looking for anything serious, but I am up for having a lot of fun.  Sitting at a table with all my girlfriends, wearing jeans, looking tired – please don’t approach me. I’m just not in the mood.

In case you haven’t been in the world enough to notice, we girls can get very snappy if we’re approached on a bad night. So feel it out first.  There’s a huge difference between guys and girls and this is that if we want a one night stand, we know we can get it. And we will make sure we find it. If my appearance and attitude fit the bill and you’re sure I’m not a psycho-stalker kind of girl, then by all means, go for it!

But remember, I know what I want and I probably made the decision before I even left the house, so be prepared for some hardcore rejection before you find the one night stand of your dreams.



    1. So that's where I've been going wrong!

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    7. Michael says:

      who's the girl on the top?

    8. jj says:

      Leah Dizon of course

    9. This Article is no doubt a must read and surely worth a try….

      If the application of this works in practical life, i'll be very thankful to the writer of this article

    10. Oh is that Leah Dizon???? I have been hearing about her. She's Filipina right? or half?

    11. Kate says:

      I'm a girl, and this article is retarded!!!!

      "if she wears a miniskirt she is just having fun with her friends, but if it's a cleavage showing short dress she's down to bone!"

      that's the dumbest shit I've ever heard.

      Guys if you want to get laid don't listen to this article, it makes it sound like we have 2 modes: Horny/slutty OR Tired/Bitchy

      Talking to every guy & doing free shots OR Being Antisocial & talking about birth control with our girls

      Cleavage showing-short-dresses OR shortish skirt

      Red lipstick OR pale lipgloss.


      1. Neal - Johns Hopkins says:

        then why don't you tell us how to spot one?

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    13. I'm genuinely liking your blog, thanks for sharing.

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    15. Raygd says:

      good subject but u missed more important tips :) keep it up

    16. Gabriel says:

      "if we want a one night stand, we know we can get it"

      Lol most girls who go out for a one night stand go back home alone. That is because 99% of the guys are pussies and girls wait for them to make the move. It's not because a girl want to get fucked that she will and this is for 2 reasons. Let's be honest… at least 60% (If it's not 90%) of girls are unattractive expect for desperate guys who believe they aren't worth more than that. Second reason is that really attractive girls are often more lonely than average looking ones because they are intimidating for many guys and very selective base on criteria that often have not very much to do with looks, but instead with subtle and complicated things which most guys don't even understand.

      Besides that I agree with the part on clothes and make up. The vibe too can be a pretty good indicator. Not a bad article overall. I liked it.

      1. depore says:

        I liked it it to Gabriel, have you ever had one lol
        just asking
        not mean to offend you at all

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