The 50 Most Popular Women on the Web (According to Google) : 40 – 31


Do you think you know who is the most Googled woman in the world? Think again. After months of painstaking research, we have the definitive answer to which women get oogled the most on Google. And it’s not who you think. Let’s just say we never thought Betty White and Pam Anderson would be neck in neck for Google hits. Shocked? Check out the list to find out which woman is number one.

#40 Vanessa Hudgens

10,100,000 Results

(click image to see Vanessa’s NSFW leaked nude photos)


#39 Busty UK Model

10,200,000 Results

Click to see which big breasted UK model comes in at #39 with 10,200,000 Results


#38 Ashley Tisdale

10,700,000 Results

(click image to see Ashley attempt the Jessica Alba “Ass Pose”)


#37 Hilary Duff

11,700,000 Results

(click image to see Hilary’s Shape Magazine photoshoot)


#36 Marilyn Monroe

11,800,000 Results

(click image to see her last photoshoot)


#35 Heidi Montag

12,200,000 Results

(click image to see Heidi’s ass looking great in a bikini)


#34 Demi Moore

12,700,000 Results

(click image to view video of Demi in Striptease)


#33 Jennifer Aniston

13,300,000 Results

(click image to view Jen’s GQ shoot)


#32 Hillary Clinton

13,800,000 Results

(click image to visit Hilary’s MySpace page)


#31 Ciara

14,300,000 Results

(click image to view Ciara’s smokin’ Vibe pics)



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    2. […] The 50 Most Popular Women on the Web (According to Google) : 40 – 31 […]

    3. robert parks says:

      Omg Katie Price & Hilary Duff should be in top 5 beauties

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    7. Famosas says:

      nice photos love .


    8. Katie says:

      Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian, Katie Price, and Brittany Spears are Hot they should all be in the top 4 :P

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    10. kazim ahmed says:

      Hi Freinds This Web Site Is Butiful Please Give The Sexy Girls I Like

    11. […] The 50 Most Popular Women On the Web […]

    12. Anonymous says:

      this is perverted how most of these girls are naked or half naked. and people look at this? i looked and was very excited to see Michelle Obama and Taylor Swift, truly inspiring women, who thank god had their clothes fully on, made the list.

      1. Isa says:

        TELL ME ABOUT IT!!! gosh…

      2. Anoymous says:

        Yes, thank you!!!! I'm scrolling down, trying to look mostly at names, and see those women including Carrie Underwood and Ashley Tisdale who should be at the top, but no.
        Put some clothes on these girls, and maybe I would even recommend this to people I know.

      3. No kiddin says:

        This list was obviously made by a hypocrite fatass 50 year old porn-watching bastard going through mid-life crisis. Just read the captions of what you will see when you click the pics. Not just the captions but the pics themselves. Sickening. F-u COED.

      4. Simone says:

        How is Taylor Swift inspiring? Her songs have to do with either falling in love with a guy, falling out of love with a guy, falling in love with a guy who you can't be with, etc. etc.
        Granted I hate most of the women I see on here, they are all pretty much bimbos. Though this site did state "most popular according to google." So, really, it's all about the people looking these idiotic people up. Honestly, none of these women are 'truly' inspiring in any way. Some may be good actors, and others are just tween obsessed stars who will be forgotten within a couple of years, hopefully months because their is no real talent behind these 'celebrities'

        Honestly I'm ashamed to live in this world, and be surrounded in a society where people talk about how amazing Miley (example) is and how much they want to be like her. She's not a very good role model. Granted most of these aren't. I was hoping to see REAL popular women who have helped this world, or some actress/singer from the sixties/seventies/eighties. Not half naked 'today' celebrities.

        Though, I laughed at Justin Bieber who was number seven. It was pretty great.

      5. Justin says:

        Fully on? Lol. You mean all their clothes on. And Taylor Swift is an inspiring woman? Lawl.

      6. your mom says:

        its because no one goes on google, and looks up fully clothed women?

      7. Shakiralover! says:

        i love no. 7 justin bieber in a women list!!!
        i love Shakira and also Taylor Swift and also Angelina Joile :)

    13. Felipe Marques says:

      Beautiful girls. Oh,my God,the Justin is shit.

    14. Felipe Marques says:

      Sorry,the Justin Bieber is angel e monster of music. The best. Sorry,guys. I want be happy. Not speak english. I speak portuguese. Sorry. Kiss. Oh,she is cat's. She is gostosas. Elas são divertidas,gosto delas. She is like evybody

    15. gustavo says:

      #Vanessa Hudgens o.o

    16. Jaime says:

      damn Vannesssa is hotter thatn Cassie

    17. Someone says:

      holy shit, I didn't know everyone was a porn star!

      1. anon says:

        lawl ikr

    18. Madelyn says:

      LOL Justin Bieber is #7 and it says 50 most popular WOMEN on the web ! xD But It IS SO TRUE THAT LADY GAGA IS #1 !

      <3 LADY GAGA !

    19. john says:

      Holy crap Jennifer Anniston now i see you in a whole new sexier way shit that is smokin

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