60 Sexy Wind-Blown Skirts to Celebrate Big Wind Day

There is no holiday literally more ‘uplifting’ than Big Wind day. On this day, 76 years ago the staff of the Mount Washington Observatory recorded the highest surface wind ever measured, anywhere on earth – an astonishing 231 mph. So in celebration of this joyous natural event, we thought we’d examine in pictures the shear force and power of the wind as it applies to the skirt.  Happy Big Wind Day.

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    1. 60 Sexy Wind-Blown Skirts to Celebrate Big Wind Day…

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    4. Nothing like a strong gust of wind to brighten up your day!

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    6. […] always be a peeper.   It doesn’t happen often but it’s fun when a female’s gear gets busted by a natural wonder of earth.  Which is why you have to cherish every moment you can gather of when the wind picks up […]

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