5 “Gangster” Rappers You Can Probably Beat Up

Over the last few years hip-hop has gotten a black eye. Not from any of the “tough guy” rappers (those guys are few and far in between…Were looking at you Beanie) but rather, all the regular guy rappers claiming to be tough. Here’s a list of 5 “gangster rappers” you can probably beat up.



Fabulous  has been on the lips of gay men since the invention of the blow job. It’s no wonder the rapper of the same name has never come off as a physical threat. Oh sorry I meant Fabolous. He sounds more like a contestant on project runway. But at least he used to be able to rhyme.


Lil Wayne

if anybody remembers the “bling bling” days, you may recall a scrawny loud mouth, the Hot Boyz used to let sing choruses and kiss Baby. He’s put on a few pounds since, but is a far cry from anything an able bodied being would consider  intimidating. Don’t get me wrong this kid got dope on the mic ever since he had to put Cash Money Records on his shoulders. But he’s actually said, “me and my mom will come to your house and murder you together.” Come on clown…..really. Get real.



This guy fell off the face of the Earth like it was flat. I liked the freestyles. I even liked a few songs on the L.P.s minus that first single. Truthfully, he made Freeway sound like a bitch. (especially at the end, begging for a beat) But a tough guy……..come on now. listen guy, you don’t have to be something your not for people to accept you. You were an artist. Picasso never scuffled. Your no Picasso, but please stop the acting.



This guy always has his face scrunched up in a ridiculous way. Mike Tyson doesn’t even look that angry. Chuck Liddell doesn’t walk around like that. This guy is a classic example of what Eddie Murphy describes doing right before he got knocked out in delirious. The guy has a butterfly tatoo on his face that he covered up with L.A. At least have the balls to stick by your decision. Don’t go cover it up after a couple of people make fun. I’m not even going to bring up his appearance on Change of Heart where he took his date to a male strip club……..Damn! Too late.


Lil Flip

Definitely the wackest rapper on the list and possibly the entire world. Thus my problem with him is much greater. I hate to even put him on the list because it would mean referring to him as a professional musician. This guy talks a lot of crap kind of like “leprechaun in the Hood” only weaker. But if he thinks for a second that any random guy or beefy chick couldn’t knock him out he’s dreaming. You….are….not….gangster. Cut it out.



    1. LOUPAID says:

      Homie I ain’t never comin’ down
      I’m too high in the clouds
      To ever have to worry ’bout that

    2. Traduire RSS says:

      […] (72)  5 "gangster" rappeurs vous pouvez probablement battre […]

    3. Foolish says:

      Really? This is probably the worst researched top of all time. Cassidy did time in a medium security prison for third degree murder when he and two of his friends shot up three other people. Over 30 shots fired and one landing in a man's back killing him later. Go ahead and go to Cassidy's house and fight him, after crawling away with more bullets than a Michael Bay movie, let me know.

      "Your no Picasso, but please stop the acting."

      See the sentence above is clearly written by someone who either A) was in a hurry and didn't care or B) is clearly an idiot. "You're no Picasso, but please stop the acting." Would have been exactly what was to be written you sorry excuse for a human being.

      1. You all make me sad says:

        Being able to pull a trigger doesn't make you tough. It's just means you have a finger and are scared.

      2. Scott says:

        Actually it does make you tough. Bet you would be scared too if you lived in the hood where the economy is run by drugs and guns. You know nothing little boy.

    4. Ladies Wigs says:

      I don't plan on taking them on either way.

    5. Ehm says:

      I agree with Foolish. You could have put up 90% of the rappers on that list, which are fake and most likely not tough and for some reason you went with Cassidy who was convicted of manslaughter.

    6. Huey Freeman says:

      You forgot to mention Gangstalicious.

      He gay.

    7. cowesy says:

      Since when does shooting someone make you tough. People who have to shoot people because they will get the shit kicked out of them if they use their fists are pussies. So as you guys said cassidy was in jail for shooting someone, therefore he is a pussy.

      1. Wow says:

        Uhh, you can't always just choose a fist fight buddy. Not sure if you know how the streets work. Not sure if you know anything at all, really.

    8. me says:

      definitely a pussy. All these guys thinking he's tough because his friends have guns are in the same boat. One guy even calls himself foolish so I wouldn't have to. In fact foolish is so street he's correcting grammar. Yeah right.I agree with the list

    9. lol, U did know Lil Flip beat up T.I? And Lil Flip also said he isnt never gonna get his chain snatches because he sais hes always strapped, But he aint the kinda rapper that is talking tough everytime its just a funny dude. A Gangsta? No, probaly not but he is from Houston and got gangsters around him. But yeah Game the fake gangbanger and lil wayne that moved ou of new orleans since he was 6 didnt even lived in the ghetto! they are the most fake of all like some rapping hollywood actors teaching our kids the wrong shit.

    10. kill thrilla says:

      yo whatever fucker posted this shit and said the shit about the game and all these other artists is cuzz ur either to pussy to go up to anyones face and say shit and run ur beak or ur just fuckin jealous that they got skillz 5 rappers that do belong on ur list 50 cent,tony yayo,lloyd banks,spider loc ,dj whoo kid, and kanye west fuck snitches and bitches all them end up in ditches

    11. This is pretty bad… Have you ever been in a fist fight? You don't give any reasons why you think these guys can't win a fist fight listed, and and I think is a safe bet on them verses you any day. I think Fab was a good guess, but you could have did better, first rule of real street fighters, never underestimat any body, I have a feeling you will never learn that because you will never have to, first rule of fighting for most writers is run… so if you ever see any of these guys… run

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    15. Da Hustla says:

      Cassidy won mad fight yall trippin

    16. Mikeyfresh says:

      The gam can woop

    17. Brico says:

      this is actually a terrible article. You just give your bias opinion, no facts or evidence to support your claims.

    18. trifelife says:

      nah guy ur the real clown. game will whoop yo ass. everyone on that list will

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