A Beginner’s Guide to Manscaping

Gone are the days where unsightly face and body hair was attractive to women (circa the caveman era). Nowadays, women expect their guys to smell good and keep their hair growth to a minimal.

Do you look like this? Pay attention to this article...

But, seriously guys, let me fill you in on a few secrets:

  • Back hair is not attractive and it’s a huge deal breaker
  • Hairy ears will not entice someone to nibble
  • Protruding nose hair is just disgusting.
  • An overgrown beard makes you look like Paul Bunyan…and when was the last time he got laid?

So if you’re looking to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex, I suggest you start with your hair…

What is “manscaping” you ask?  Manscaping is the male equivalent to what us gals do (we wax, we shave, hell we even vajazzle nowadays), but it’s a lot less extreme.  All a guy has to do to manscape is get the right tools. Within no time he’ll be on his way to picking up that chick he’s been looking at behind his thick unibrow for months!

For the Face

If you’re looking for a managed face, the Remington Flex & Pivot Foil Shaver should be your number one choice.  It gives you a quick, close shave and adjusts to your chin and jaw line- meaning no nicks, cuts or uneven beard shaves.

Ear and nose hair is not something you should be keen on sporting.  Unkempt can’t even describe this manscapping blunder, it’s downright unhygienic!  Do yourself (and everyone around you who can’t take their eyes off the protruding ear hair a favor ) and get rid of  it!  The Ace for Men Dual Action Trimmer has two ends- one trims your side burns while the other, cylinder shaped razor, trims your nose and ear hair in seconds!

Do yourself a favor and make your dating life easier by ditching the uni.  If I were to suggest a method for you, it’s waxing- it’ll take all that unwanted hair off in one quick rip.  But for those of the faint of heart, there’s a simple tool I like to call a tweezer and it should not be overlooked.  Another great Ace for Men product, the Dual Action Tweezer gives you a handle on your tweezer with a non-slip grip and two sides– one to pluck groups of hairs and one for single hair plucking fun.

For the Body

Finding the right shave tool for your body can be a little more daunting, luckily COED is here for you.  The Remington BHT 600 Body and Back Groomer will let you look more like Matthew McConaughey and less like Alec Baldwin (we love you Alec, but that blanket has GOT to go!).  We love that it has an extendable handle, so you can get to all the hard-to-reach places yourself (no more asking your girlfriend to shave your back!).

A manscapped self will give you a new surge of confidence.

Looking for a more advanced lesson. Check out our Free Ballin’ Guide to Shaving it All.



    1. Jared says:

      I happen to know that Paul Bunyan does get laid. Actually he got laid twice this past Saturday!

    2. Hurricane says:

      Make sure you read the Amazon reviews for the Remington BHT 600 Body and Back Groomer BEFORE buying. Clearly COED is getting paid to promote these worthless crappy items so don’t count on what COED has to say about anything.

    3. man's man says:

      First off, real men wet shave. None of this battery operated bullshit; what, you afraid of some nicks? Second, I bet Paul Bunyan gets laid more than whoever wrote this lame article.

    4. Maria8393 says:

      Hairy backs are disgusting, especially when you go the the beach and see a guy who is just baring it all- it makes me want to vomit. Guys- pay attention to this article- we hate back hair, we hate ear hair, we hate long armpit hair (GAG). If we have to be put together all the time, then you should too!

    5. douche says:

      be douche douches

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    10. […] So you’re not fifty five, but your nose still looks like a clogged sink pipe. No biggie. Every man’s body hair is different. You now have two options, pluck or trim: the painless one being the ladder, and also the easiest […]

    11. Blake says:

      I agree with man's man. Whoever the author is here is obviously a puss. I'd like to change that and say that real men not only wet shave, but they shave with a straight or a safety razor. Next the author will be talking about going to a stylist instead of a barber. How about all of you men just grow a pair?

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