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Dominating Las Vegas with the 2010 Hooter’s Calendar Girls (30 Photos)

The 2010 Hooter’s calendar girls swung by Bud Light’s “World’s Largest Pool Party” to catch some rays. In some “She’s Out Of My League” twist of fate, Miss Hooter’s International 2009 Raechel Holtgrave and herbodaciousHooter’s friends invited us up to their cabana to drink some Bud Light’s and watch all the bracket busting basketball action. Here are the pictures…

When you’re done oogling these Hooter’s girls be sure to check out Babes of Las Vegas Hard Rock’s Glass Pool (14 Photos) from Bud Light’s “World’s Largest Pool Party.”

NOTE: Raechel Holtgrave and the 2010 calendar girls recently took a trip to Iraq to visit US soldiers, we’ve got over 100 photos of their trip in Weapons of Mass Distraction: 2010 Hooters Calendar Girls Invade Iraq.

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