And the Academy Award for Hottest Leading Actress Goes to…

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There are some rare occasions where the Academy Awards actually nominates and even awards something to an entertaining movie. Sadly, more often than not the movies that win for lack of a better word- suck. Lucky for us, many of the actresses that star in those movies were kind enough to go skimpy in those movies (or something else) almost making them worth watching!

In order to bring the hottest of the hot that the Academy Awards likes to recognize for their acting ability straight to you, we have combed the internet to find these women at their finest. Our preference is to bring you a picture from the movie they received the nod from the Academy for. If they happened to lack hotness in it we will do what it takes to bring them to you at their hottest, regardless of the movie. When in doubt, it’s the hotness that counts!

Kate Winslet

This British hottie garnered her sixth nomination and won the Oscar for best actress in a leading role for her part in The Reader (2008), one of those movies that the Academy judges love but the people don’t. Then again, we have to be glad she does take roles like this since she apparently gets naked (something she does not hesitate to do if the role calls for it). If only she had bared a little more in Titanic…Imagine the money that movie could have made had the sex scene in the car showed more than just a steamed up window!


Angelina Jolie

Mrs. Pitt received a nomination for best actress in a leading role for her turn as the 1928 mother whose son was kidnapped and later supposedly returned in the movie Changeling (2008). While her flapper garb did not exactly scream sexy in this movie, Angelina has been an absolute hottie in so many others. She made being an assassin hot in Mr. /Mrs. Smith and Wanted; made us attracted to cartoons in Beowulf; she even made crazy kind of hot in Girl, Interrupted (a role for which she won the Oscar for best actress in a supporting role back in 1999).


Anne Hathaway

More known for her work in kid friendly flicks the beautiful Ms. Hathaway branched out and tried something different in Rachel Getting Married (2008), and earned a nomination for best actress in a leading role. As she continues to take roles more and more in contrast to her earlier family friendly ones, maybe we’ll get lucky and she’ll get a little naughty.


Cate Blanchett

For an island that began as a penal colony hundreds of years ago it sure has turned out some of the hottest babes known to humanity. She’s been a crazy Nazi officer, an elf queen, and Katherine Hepburn, a role for which she won best actress in a supporting role in 2004. Another nomination would come her way, but for best actress, for her role as another queen, Queen Elizabeth I, in Elizabeth: the Golden Age (2006). Cate was far from hot in that movie, but thankfully the camera has graced her at times when she was. Want to take a guess at what she’s thinking about in this picture?


Penelope Cruz

The Spanish beauty will forever be known for her awesome role as Johnny Depp’s coke fiend wife in the aptly titled Blow. Most recently, she won an Oscar in 2009 for best actress in a supporting role for her part in Vicky Cristina Barcelona and will next appear in the second Sex and the City movie. Ms. Cruz looked pretty darn hot in the 2006 movie Volver for which she received a nomination for best actress in a leading role; maybe those judges know something after all.