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Babes of 2010 Daytona Bike Week

Perhaps it was the appeal of hard sand, warm winter days and the excitement of that first motorcycle race on the beach, that made Daytona Beach the home of Bike Week. Maybe it was the spirited activities surrounding the event, or the insanely fine chicks that have kept people keep coming back. Whatever the case, Bike Week has been a tradition since 1937 and comes just in time because Harley Davidson, a staple of Bike Week is set to release a brand new bike!

We stopped by the launch party for their new Dark Custom line at the ACE Hotel in New York City. This raw and radical bike is for people like you, a young and rebellious generation. It’s a new horse in a stable called Dark Custom – bikes that are raw, elemental, stripped down, and meant to be ridden. This latest bike (check out the pics) has a distinctive look with a slammed stance, low profile, and custom features that border on illegal. It’s a bike – and a movement – for young America when they need it most.

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