10 Greatest Magic Tricks The World Has Ever Seen

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Everyone likes a surprise and a chance to be amazed, so what’s better than to watch crazy magic tricks! Whether it’s done in the streets or at a show, it’s the talent and creativity of the magicians that have you thinking ‘is it real?’ Magic can be found just about anywhere, it just takes an open mind and sharp eyes. Move over harry potter, these guys are your latest competition!

10) Metamorphosis

Turning into someone else seems like a pretty cool thing to do, but not when you’re going from sexy assistant to a regular guy. Nonetheless, the trick was performed well and its one that many others and the act of ‘how-to’ wow the audience that makes it amazing!

9) Water Torture Escape

Houdini amazed with this, and year’s later people try to do the same as him. This woman is immersed in water and handcuffed and hanging upside down she manages to escape. Amazing!

8 ) Straightjacket escape

It sucks to have reasons to be in one, but watching people escape out of it is crazy! This trick has been performed by many, but this guy takes it for having escaped the fastest, at 50.08 seconds!

7) Optical Illusions

Our eyes aren’t perfect, and there are plenty of online sites that offer hours of illusions for entertainment. Photos such as this one makes the eye stop and wonder, how? It’s completely amazing!

6) Levitation       There has been much debate on this sort of trick, with issues of it being fake and impossible. Much has been heard of this trick, and the only way to truly know is to witness it personally yourself. Regardless, the effort put into such a trick used by many is amazing!

5) Card tricks     Millions of people have mastered this trick, the magic of cards. Some tricks are obvious, and others are mysterious but it’s a magic style that has been around for ages. When done by the best, it just becomes amazing!

4) Sword Swallowing

Swallowing sharp things is one thing my mother told me never to do. These guys do it as an act, but it’s just amazing how they do it! Just one slip and the throat and its slit! Such patience and great gag reflexes makes this trick, amazing!

3) Splitting the human body

This has been in many magic shows and done by many people. The act is usually done with a female assistant but this clip had the funniest approach to the trick. Being cut up for entertainment and living to see tomorrow, amazing!

2)  Removing the front teeth

David Blaine has many tricks up his sleeve, but this one has to take the cake. Going to a random person and removing their teeth is unbelievable. TV can be very misleading, but debate goes on to whether he’s real or a phony. Regardless, this street trick is just too amazing!

1) Coin trick

Tricks have been done numerously with money but nothing like this. Cris is just like David, conversational and innovative. His work involves much debate, but street work like this is gross and amazing!