Survivor Babes: the Real All-Stars

Besides kicking off the age of reality television, Survivor has actually done men of the world one tremendous service- it has brought a whole bevy of hot babes to our attention that we would not have been able to enjoy otherwise.

Thursday, February 11 at 8pm, the most recent installment of the hit reality series Survivor will begin. Another collection of former contestants will make up this all-star version that has been dubbed Heroes vs. Villains.

If we here at COED had our way there would be an all-female all-star version dubbed Babes vs. Babes. The following are some of the women we would love to watch frolic around some random beach in bikinis for 39 days.

Stepnenie LaGrossa

Stephenie LaGrossa

Stephanie has already been on two seasons of Survivor (Guatemala and Palau) and will be in the new Heroes vs. Villains season. Besides having a slamming body, this chick is one tough cookie. In her first season she managed to be the last person standing in her tribe and the eventual runner-up.

Mary Sartain

Mary Sartain

Survivor: Micronesia gave some lucky fans the chance to match wits with some of Survivors best players. After showing off her body in her killer bikini, this fan was soon to have fans of her own.

Amber Brkich

Amber Brkich (Mariano)

This hottie was so irresistible on the All-Star version that even though her future hubby did all the dirty work she won the million dollars. Twice was enough for her (she was also in the second season, Australian Outback); her husband will be trying to cash in finally on the Heroes vs. Villains season.

Amanda Kimmel

Amanda Kimmel

No one has spent as much time trying to survive as Amanda has having made it to the last round on both Survivors: China and Micronesia. She is undoubtedly hoping third time will be the charm in Samoa for Heroes vs. Villains.

Jenna Morasca

Jenna Morasca

She bared it all for peanut butter and cookies and has been taking it to the bank ever since. Having appeared in two seasons of the show, Amazon and All-Stars, Jenna has turned her 15 minutes into a role on TNA Impact! Wrestling, an off-Broadway play, a made for television movie, several appearances on other reality shows, and the 2009 movie End Game with fellow wrestler Kurt Angle. Oh yeah- she did a little spread with Amazon pal Heidi Strobel in Playboy as well!

Heidi Strobel

Heidi Strobel

Fellow peanut butter and cookie lover Heidi Strobel bore all in the Amazon season of Survivor. This must have been a precursor of things to come since she would eventually show up in Playboy with pal Jenna Morasca.

Jerri Manthey

Jerri Manthey

Like Jenna, Jerri has cashed in on her 15 minutes of fame pretty well. Along with appearing on the Australian Outback and All-Star seasons (and will be in the new Heroes vs. Villains), Jerri has appeared in a number of movies and was the sideline reporter during the first season of Extreme Dodge ball. Also like Jenna, she stripped down for Playboy as well.

Julie Berry

Julie Berry

Julie captured the heart of Survivor host Jeff Probst while on Survivor: Vanuatu. We could care less if she still is as long as she provides us with more photos like this one.

Parvatti Shallow

Parvati Shallow

This naughty little vixen makes it no secret that she will use her better qualities to get what she wants. They did not do much for her on Cook Islands, but she did take home the grand prize in Micronesia. We don’t care what she does in Heroes vs. Villains just as long as she struts around in that bikini some more.

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    1. Ro$$ says:

      No Elizabeth Hasselbeck? Are you fucking high?

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    6. She is a babe but hanging out with the hens on The View DQ'd her

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    10. goodstuff says:

      I have all ways been a big fan of survivor – ok, i can see them censoring boobs on tv but why not release the goodstuff on the net

    11. […] On Survivor they stripped for munchies and then after the show for cash.  On Big Brother people sure appear to have sex (or at least the Bill Clinton version). And on VH1, some shows have so many naughty words on them that when bleeped you can’t understand the conversation. Don’t forget the schmuck of a boyfriend that Courtney Kardashian has (okay, so I like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, it does not make me any less of a man). […]

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