Still With Team CoCo: 5 More Great Conan O’Brien Moments

Welcome to part two of “I’m With Team CoCo,” COED Magazine’s look back at the best moments of Conan O’Brien. Here come five more great moments from Late Night With Conan O’Brien:

1. Finnish Underwear Exhibit:

2. The Blizzard:

3. Apartment Hunting:

4. Long Sports Chanter:

5. Late Night Jesus Statues:



    1. Anita says:

      Conan O'Brien———-good ridence! The biggest bawl-baby, poor looser, bad mouther and not the least bit funny——ever!!

      Jumping around like an idiot with that dumb hair do———do-do is more like it. Saw him years ago as a guest on Martha Stewar's show; he was acting so silly I was embarrassed for Martha.

      Jay Leno welcome back!!!

    2. JheyRhey says:

      You must have a complete lack of a sense of humor if you think Jay Leno is funny. All he does is steals other's jokes/bits. He is boring, and apparently is a devious douchebag.

      Up yours, I'm with CoCo.

    3. Joanna says:

      I guess if you have to conjure up jokes of other people's religion, especially JW's, you are not funny,just rude and obnoxious. His demise happened sooner that I expected. Good riddance.

    4. RudeRex says:

      Jay Leno is a fucking retard.

    5. Sophia says:

      To the Coco bashers, you are all sore losers. Enjoy years of creative headlines and jay f***** walking….GOOD RIDDANCE TO YOU!

    6. Rudy says:

      Conan who?

    7. Marie says:

      Anita: How old are you? You must be older if you enjoy Martha. I know I like the girl just as much as the next person, but to say that Martha was embarrassed was quite the accusation. In fact, I believe that Martha loved Conan and his sense of humor to be on his show more than a few times and to invite him to HER show. Google "Conan O'Brien and Martha Stewart" and see for yourself. She joins in on the joke which speaks a lot about her.

      Leno lovers are seriously lacking in their sense of humor. He does the same old bits over and over and over again, and he steals other people's bits and jokes. Leno wouldn't know what "funny" was if it slapped him in the face.

      I'd rather watch a younger and smarter comedian than a washed up car junkie that has nothing better to do than shit on his colleagues dreams.

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    9. […] See five awesome Conan O’Brien moments – CoedMagazine […]

    10. Denise says:

      Conan is hillarious!!! Leno is funny but Conan has a personality to go with it. i love Conando!

    11. […] See five awesome Conan O’Brien moments – CoedMagazine […]

    12. Pete says:

      Obrien brought down the tonight Show on his own with a 49% drop in ratings because he is NOT FUNNY and has a limited fan base. He should never have been given the show to begin with. Leno made it the #1 talk show and was pushed out at the height of ratings by asshole NBC execs. Leno had NOTHING to do with Obrien's departure–it was Obrien's failure. Good riddence "Conan"–go peddle that moronic "humor" and jumping up and down with that stupid hairdo on some kiddy channel. Welcome back Jay!!!

    13. JP4CoCo says:

      You Leno Lovers are a bunch of morons! Conan didn't bring down the Tonight Show.. it was Leno you fools! Placing that boring, stupid Leno show at 10pm in front of Conan, first of all was FUBAR! That's what brought the ratings down in the first place. Leno… you need to step down… your retirement pension plan is calling you…

    14. hahaohwow says:

      Team Leno revealed! All 5 of them. I didn't realize retirement homes had ready and able internet access.

    15. S. Bullock says:

      Leno is pathetic. Co Co is a go go and doesn't play on other people's weakness to make himself look good like Leno.

      Conan will be vindicated when Leno falls on his ass kissing ass.

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    17. […] See five awesome Conan O’Brien moments – CoedMagazine […]

    18. […] See five awesome Conan O’Brien moments – CoedMagazine […]

    19. Dennis Flynn says:

      Wow, I am shocked so many people don't like Conan O'Brien, maybe that is whats wrong with the world today, people are just unevolved, backwards, think inside the box and in the center so you don't get tainted by going near the edge and seeing outside, and just plain disgusting. How can anybody not think Conan is funny? Conans wrote for the simpsons, I bet you people dont think that is funny either, probably think its some dirty cartoon and bunch it in the same category as South Park and Family Guy even though they all are totally different with their own complete different kinds of humor. I guess the only people who get the humor Conan uses are intelligent people, younger educated people and people who don't have awful and CORNY senses of humor & laugh at people like David Letterman, Leno and Larry the Cable guy. You've probably never heard of Bill Hicks, David Cross or any complicated intelligent comedians, and you might claim to like George Carlin to sound cool and seem like you appreciate real influential groundbreaking humor, when all you really want to hear is fart jokes and jokes with corny punchlines and humor based at anybody not apart of the WASP institution of America. Im so glad I am myself and think different and individually, and not a typical jackass ignorant ass

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