New Orleans Saints Boob Girl: World’s Sexiest Football Fan?

Move over Jenn Sterger, you are so last decade. There is a new sexy super fan on the block! This New Orleans Saints fan had her photos snapped at the NFC Championship game vs the Vikings and the rest is history. If you can help us identify this babe we will send you an awesome COED t-shirt!

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    2. […] The internet is spending its time and energy trying to figure out the identity of the “New Orleans Saints boob girl.” […]

    3. Parabéns pelo seu blog, é realmente muito bom!

      Um abraço

      Fábio Schlickmann

    4. […] Who is the New Orleans Saints’ boob girl? (COED Magazine) […]

    5. minelove says:

      Is she a fan or a model showing her silicon implants?

    6. beardsandbellies says:

      She can cheer for my beard any day.

    7. […] New Orleans Saints Boob Girl: World’s Sexiest Football Fan? [COED Magazine] […]

    8. P D says:

      I saw her at the Super Bowl and she's every bit as hot in person

    9. blaine says:

      hey! that's my wife!

      what was she doing at the game?!?!?!

    10. Scott says:

      Who is this honey?

    11. Riot Nrrrd™ says:

      Trippy … from the side she looks exactly like my ex-fiancée (even down to the identically-sized silicone). Different face though (and younger). Somebody should track this woman down, though!

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    13. anonymous says:

      I don't think she's that pretty, great body, but average face

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    15. […] remain. This picture actually reminds me a lot of this New Orleans Saints fan who we called “World’s Sexiest Football Fan” back in […]

    16. ricnsilva says:

      I know it's been a while since you asked who was the lady in the photos… :-)
      Acording to "Busted Coverage", "Mustang World" and "SPORTSbyBROOKS", her name is London Wagner.
      She is a nurse in Destin, Florida, and happily married :-)

      This info was provided by the "Sobre Literacia Digital" (About Digital Literacy) initiative

      — Sources

      5 Questions With Saints Underboob Fan London Including How To Talk Your Wife Into Dressing Sexy At NFL Game
      Today we sit down with Saints Underboob fan, London, who became an Internet hit in 2010 as New Orleans was making its Super Bowl run. London, not shy when it comes to supporting her team, left us speechless by the underboob shirt that rocked the NFL.

      Hot Saints fan shows underboob at game PICS
      In comments:
      (…) London Wagner says:
      December 1, 2010 at 9:52 PM
      I am Miss Sideboob Saints Fan…i am a nurse in Destin, Florida. My husband and I have season tickets to the Saints games and have sooo much fun! We love New OrleansJ I started wearing the outfit when we played Miami and it just kind of started being my lucky outfit to wear. Many people have asked me to take pictures with them and I say, “of course!”. I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week! Sincerely, London

      Buge Underhoob Saints Fan Has a Face
      In comments:
      (…) London Wagner
      10:20 pm on September 30th, 2011
      I’m married, thought my outfit was retired, I will wear it next home game. I’m a Registered nurse and taking care of my patients is priority! (besides my family) my husband love to have fun!!! So work hard, play hard!!!!!! If you see me, say hi! Have a great weeked! London

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