Who Is The Sexiest WAG of Super Bowl XLIV? brought up a good point this morning, Super Bowl XLIV might be the sexiest Super Bowl in history. Besides the fact that the commercials are going to be ultra sexy this year’s game also features two very high profile WAGs – Kim Kardashian (girlfriend of New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush) and Kenda Wilkinson (wife of Indianapolis Colt’s  wide receiver Hank Baskett). Who do you think is the sexiest? Check out the photos below and then vote and when you’re done check out our 168 photo Kim Kardashian Overdose!

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    3. Daniel says:

      Could either of them be more skanky. Honestly, put either of them on a streetcorner and, well, the reference is obvious.

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    6. i think kim kardashian

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