Hooters Attempts a Make Good with “More Than a Mouthful Mondays”

Hooters Attempts a Make Good with “More Than a Mouthful Mondays”
Somewhere in the late 90’s Hooters went off a cliff.  What was a pretty cool place to get a beer and wings while harmlessly ogling hot chicks became a family restaurant.  First Vegas and then hooters . . .this “what about the children nonsense” is for the dodo birds – which exactly how we’ll wind up if we don’t smarten up and lose all this PC BS, but I digress.

The level of talent dropped, stupid toys like hula hoops and jump ropes were brought in, and child seats were stacked up for the new target market.  They even tamed their catch line, changing it from the sexually charged innuendo “More than a Mouthful” to the redneck family friendly “Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined.”  All in a feeble and remarkably stupid attempt to turn a sexy and successful brand into a family version of the NY institution the – Crazy Country Club.

. . .and their sales went off a cliff.  Restaurants closed, they couldn’t give their magazine away, the airline went up in flames.  A brand that should have been a billion dollar empire languished somewhere between “Who’s that” and “Who Gives a Steamy Pile.”   It was like an executive at Hooters had said, “I know!   Let’s destroy our brand like Playboy and Penthouse did by toning it down, and we’ll expand our audience because men are too dumb to notice the change.”

Now starting January 4th 2010 Hooters will launch a nationwide promotion, “More Than a Mouthful” Mondays, offering customers a 1/2 pound cheeseburger with fries for $5.99 all day, every Monday.

“This promotion represents the best value in the restaurant industry today,” said Mike McNeil, the Vice President of Marketing for Hooters of America. “We are offering our guest a bigger, fresher, better burger and fries than any fast food restaurant at a price you’d expect to pay for a burger served in Styrofoam. And best of all, instead of coming out of a window, you have a friendly Hooters Girl serve you at a table and clean up the dishes when you are done.”

$6 burger . . .meh that’s not hard to find, but bringing back the phrase “More than a Mouthful” is a step in the right direction!  Personally, in light of how this franchise was wrecked by family values, I feel a more radical move is in order like a happy ending with every plate of wings, or a “Buy One, Bang One Free” Deal – But hey, it’s a step and I’m happy for it.  I miss the old Hooters.

Aside from the “More than a Mouthful” Burger promotion on Mondays, Hooters Wingsday Wednesdays, a $5.99 boneless wing platter offer continues.  No word yet on “Ball Massage Fridays”, but stay by the phone.

Everyone of these chicks are super fine, (I would do awful, unspeakable things to the whole lot), but the name of the restaurant is “Hooters”, and the only one with a decent rack is the sexy smurf with the long forehead.

Compare them to this older picture of Hooters Waitresses circa 199-something (you can tell by the 90’s hairstyles).

Granted, they’re probably a wreck from spiting out rugrats by now, but my point remains.  Polish it up Mike McNeil.

  • jtaddeoCOED Writer