So… Does K-Y “Intense” Gel Really Work?

Every once in a while a product comes along that makes you shake your head in disbelief and say, “No Way”.  Spray hair, “Natural Male Enhancer”, Pheromone Cologne . . .please.   So it’s no wonder that the gang in the COED Offices were a bit skeptical about the claims on the bottle of K-Y Intense (

* KY Brand Intense creates a rush of pleasure and increased female sensitivity.

* Helps women reach their peak of sexual pleasure more quickly.

* Increases the intensity of the female satisfaction during intimate moments.

Now, if you were expecting a “Penthouse Letters” style review, my apologies.  We’re going to go at this from the Lab Coat Perspective –

Key Question, Does This Product Really Work?

Answer: Yes. In most cases, approximately 75%.

The COED Science Department spotted two key ingredients that create the “Reaction”, Propylene Glycol and Niacin.

By massaging a pea-sized drop of the gel directly onto her “intimate area” during foreplay, while yelling, “By the Power of Greyskull*”  the Propylene Glycol is going to give her a warming sensation.  However it’s the Niacin that does the heavy lifting.  It’s going to increase the amount of blood flow that moves through “The Area” thereby increasing the sensitivity she feels by an “X”-factor.  The resultant increased sensation can cause  a peak that occurs sooner, more intense, and more often.

The male result is indirect, but hopefully it’s increased business, and a more satisfied customer base, which hopefully could lead to referrals. ( We suggest, “Bring a Friend!  Everyday is 2 for 1!”)

So now you know, and knowing is half the Battle.

PS – * Yelling “By the Power of Greyskull” optional, but hey . . . it never hurts.  And btw – We have six unopened bottles of this stuff to give away!!!!  Have you emailed us your contact info?  Well what are you waiting for!?!?  Send an email with your info in the order that you see below and maybe you’ll be the lucky recipient of a one of the unused bottles . . .and to the first  tool that screws up and can’t follow directions, we’ll send the “soiled” bottle . . .yuck.

Email to – First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Phone, Age, Email.



    1. juan salegio says:

      Ill take a bottle!!

    2. worstpeople says:

      I wanna try that!

      GREAT Blog on Tila Tequila:

    3. Adam says:

      tempted to screw things up and get the soiled bottle, then give that bottle to someone I don't like…

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    5. inspector gadget says:

      he-man rules

    6. Kyra says:

      As a female, I get DIBS!!!

    7. anthony tom says:… it's a hot hot hot discovery!

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    9. goddess21 says:

      I'd love a bottle!

    10. Sweetphilly78 says:

      I would love a bottle!

    11. wens says:

      Sorry but, if you need a bottle then maybe you really don’t know what your doing. Remember its always about her first then you. If you put the effort into pleasing her as much as you do in pleasing your self then its a win win. Come on fellas lets just step up and think of her first for once and you’ll be surprised how much more she will want it and how much more she will do for ya………

    12. mike says:

      i would luv a bottle

    13. Axel padilla says:

      I love to have a bottle

      1. mongo says:

        Mongo want bottle too

    14. Dillbert says:

      We would love to try it! Will it pass my wife of 30 years sensitivity test? K-Y Silk did… Now they discontined making it.

      1. Janet says:

        I would love to be able to have some myself:)

    15. Peche Sanders says:

      Please Please I need this

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