Drunk New Year’s Eve Party Girls 2009

Happy New Year’s everybody.  Auf uns, Na zdorovje and Salud to the passing of an incredible decade. New Year’s Eve is, hands-down, the biggest bash of the year – the night when most of world’s population celebrates the chance to forget the sins of the past and begin anew. But before the clock strikes 12, anyone can get away with damn near anything – and that usually means more sexy, drunken debauchery than an Irish bachelorette party. Luckily for us, these sinful ladies chose to preserve their last regrets for the rest of us. Unluckily for them, these last regrets aren’t going to be so easy to forget…



    1. Boris says:

      This is so American! To think that drunk girls are sexy. You're fcuking sick! Get an adult attitude to both drinking and sex, you morons.

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    6. Boris Is a homo says:

      Boris you need to hop of your high horse and not be a prick, its so European look down you're nose at the world. Douche Bag!

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