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Kim Kardashian Overdose [168 Photos]

We still have no clue what it is that Kim Kardashian exactly does for a living, but with a backside like hers, who really cares? We do know however, this amazing Armenian wrote the book on being famous for being famous:  Chapter 1: Be Photographed With Paris Hilton… Chapter 2: Make A Sex Tape With A B-list Rapper… Chapter 3: Get Your Own Show on E!… Chapter 4: Do Playboy… Chapter 5: Get Engaged to a Baller… and if all else fails, repeat from Chapter 1.  But all kidding aside, we really do love Kim.  So much in fact we’ve compiled the largest collection of Kim Kardashian pics on the web.  We’re sure you will agree, She’s definitely much more than just another pretty face. Enjoy.

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