The 20 Most Ogled Women of Playboy 2009

Every December, the internet becomes over-saturated with year-end and top 10 lists ranging from the best songs to the worst trends and everything else outside and in between.  There are even lists counting down the best lists.   It’s all a bit overwhelming if not absurd.  There is one list however, that deserves a bit of special attention COED style… The 20 Most Ogled Women of Playboy 2009.  Of the hundreds of super sexy ladies featured on, these 20 ladies were viewed the most in this year that almost was.


#1 Heidi Montag

September 2009 cover model


#2 Traci Brooks

Featured in November 2009 issue


#3 Sharae Spears

Playboy CyberGirl of the Year 2009


#4 Olivia Munn

August 2009 Cover Model


#5 Carlie Christine

Cyber Girl of the Week for February 9, 2009


#6 Hannah Rory

Playboy Sexy Girl Next Door Pictorial


#7 AJ Alexander

Playboy’s Miss May 2008


#8 Misty Hendicks

Girl Next Door model


#9 Jessica Decarlo

Playboy’s Coed of the Month for June 2009


#10 Jessa Lynn

Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week for June 22, 2009


#11 Aimee Marie

Playboy Special Editions Xtreme SEX


#12 Melissa Wheat

Featured Girl Next Door model


#13 Ashley Massaro

Cyber Girl of the Week


#14 Joy Behrman

Playboy Cyber Club


#15 Amanda Hanshaw

Cybergirl of the Month of February 2008


#16 Sara Jean Underwood

Playmate of the Year 2006


#17 Meghan Allen

Playboy Cyber Girl‎: In September 2007


#18 Whitney Leigh

February 2008 Coed of the Month


#19 Hillary Fisher

Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week for May 11, 2009


#20 Adrianna Kroplewska

Cyber Girl Xtra



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    4. reb says:

      in all seriousness this is Playboy's worst line up in years. most are average beauty and without makeup I'll be some are ugly even

    5. says:

      give the dady girls i will make they beeter

    6. ty says:

      i dont understand why this website refuses to show nudity. its the fucking internet thats the whole point. especially when theres an article specifically about playboy. stupid.

    7. Derek says:

      LMAO #1 and #4 were a joke, they didn't even show anything.

      Looked more like Maxim

      Playboys going downhill

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    10. scotty says:

      you can see aimee maries nipple

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    14. big daddy says:

      all these chicks are lame, Ive seen way better

    15. yeah i dont get it come over tomysite we shownudity lol i still love this site tho

    16. Mike Levy says:

      Sara (#16, should have been #1) was PMOY in 07, not 06.

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    19. Anonymous says:

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