MTV’s Jersey Shore: Snooki Gets Knocked The F**k Out! [VIDEO]

This weekend, I found myself with a couple hours to kill so I decided to give MTV’s latest trash tv offering Jersey Shore a go.  Like a good trainwreck, I could not look away.  This show is either the most awesome thing ever or the end of the civilization as we know it.  Regardless, the absurdly obnoxious cast of Guidos and Guidettes are the trashiest, unclassiest housemates to ever hit the airwaves.  Take for example 4-foot-something Nicole “Snooki” from Marlboro, NY.  She spends the entire first episode getting drunk, throwing-up and crying because she is not the center of attention in this circle of douchebags.  You can’t help but want to punch this girl in the face, which is exactly what is going to happen later in the season.  In the post show previews, Snooki gets her clock cleaned by some random grease ball at a night club and the result will leave you playing this clip over and over in shock and/or in awe.  Very classy.

Update: here is an animated gif of the punch:



    1. […] Where to begin with Guidos? Since the release of MTV’s Jersey Shore, it’s been tough for me to admit that I was born and bred in the Garden State (even though only one cast member is actually from Jersey). These people are like a cancer on humanity that needs to be ripped out and discarded in a bio-waste facility in Cleveland.  Nonetheless, the show is entertaining, if only for their sheer wantonness and clueless stupidity.  Until now the internet has focused it’s attention on the hilarious photos of fist-pumpin’ Guidos with their orange mud faces and blowout dos,  but what about the ladies girls? It’s time to give the gawdy Guidette her due.  But be warned, this post could start a “situation” and make you want to punch someone in the face. […]

    2. Jimbo says:


    3. […] has her own line of Snuggies coming out, well not really. Tonight is Jersey Shore’s “punch” episode and even though MTV has decided to edit out the punch we want to know whether or not […]

    4. N says:

      That was the sickest shit ever, nice punch

    5. […] With just a few simple keystrokes, you can turn any normal name into one that sounds like a real Jersey Shore Douchebag.  It’s just that easy.  Sorry kids, “The Situation” is already […]

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