How To: Brew Your Own Moonshine?

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The more civilized among us have never had the opportunity to taste moonshine, choosing instead to take advantage of the convenience, safety and legality of their local liquor store. However, like bungee jumping and replacing a shower curtain, it’s something every guy should try at least once in his life. If it doesn’t kill you, strike you instantly blind or get you arrested, indulging in this hardcore hooch will certainly put hair on your chest and give you a great story to tell the boys.

Last night while watching the Saints dismantle the Patriots I had the opportunity to drink a sketchy orange liquid out of a jar that my friend claimed to be “moonshine” brewed in his friend’s basement.  This got me thinking…how the heck do you make moon shine? I found a great guide on AskMen so if you think you’re up to the challange check out How To Make Moonshine.

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