I Snagged A Cab From Jon Stewart [PHOTO]

Every morning I hail a cab at the same corner in the West Village in NYC. Most days, it’s an easy grab, rarely a wait. But this morning I was running late and there were literally 5 people standing up and down the avenue flailing for a cab’s attention. So, I did what any good New Yorker would do, walked deeper into the stream of traffic and snagged the first cab. This FTW moment quickly became a moment of FAIL when I saw Jon Stewart standing outside my window. D’oh.

(this is another guy also waiting for a cab)


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    1. Matt Perez says:

      Whoa! You are holding a news*paper* in your hands. Do you actually read it? or did you get to verify the day of the event (like they do in those kidnapping movies)?

    2. John Savage says:

      Wow, major cool dude, I like it.


    3. Jason says:

      Cool story.

    4. michael says:

      I don't get why this is a D'oh moment. He did not have the urgency to do what you did so he should not have gotten the cab, he is just another human. Those with ambition to get anything will get it sooner than those without.

    5. choozen says:

      I don't get it. John Stewart wanted your cab? Big fucking deal, he should have been faster. How is it a moment of fail? You got the cab, dumbass. Do you worship him or something?

    6. robin says:

      It's a "d'oh" moment because he essentially cut in line to get a cab in front of the people that were waiting in an orderly fashion. He only felt bad about it when he realized he cut in front of Jon Stewart instead of a "normal" person.

    7. Daryl says:

      Yes, there are some of people who do worship Jon Stewart.

      – living down under –

    8. Michael says:

      I think it was a "fail" moment because he realized he could have done what the other guy did… gotten a picture WITH Jon Stewart!

    9. kevbo says:

      hey dummies, john may not have even been waiting for a cab. it was a fail because had he not (unfairly) jumped in the first taxi available, he would've been waiting on the sidewalk and had a chance to meet jon personally.

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    11. Colin says:

      what this is dumb who cares

    12. andy b says:

      i dont see the fail. this is PURE win, snapping an iphone pic from inside the cab i just snaked from a celeb. win/win/win

    13. anon says:

      cool story, bro

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    15. wil says:

      Thhat "other guy" is Kenny Goodwin Jr., a know face in the world of fashion. Google him. I represent him,sweet kid and I am sure they were speaking and he did not steal a cab from him!

    16. gordon says:

      A) Braging that you did something rude is nothing to brag about.

      B) F*cking lame celeb sighting of a local tv host.

      C) Whoop de do "Mr. Rich" who lives in the village and takes cabs instead of the subway AND cuts the line.

      You sir are a Douche.

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    19. JimC says:

      Looks like a future republican if he isn't already.

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