Naked Sushi Party Girls…a.k.a Nyotaimori [48 Photos]

We pride ourselves here at COED for our ability to take any current event and make it sexy.  So with today’s release of Bruno on DVD, we racked our brains to find an angle that would make our readers proud. If you’ve seen the movie, you’d know that’s not an easy task, unless of course you find swinging d*ck sexy…  And since we don’t, we opted to go the Nyotaimori Party route.  Nyotaimori, a.k.a. body sushi was infamously portrayed in the Paula Abdul / Bruno interview. Fortunately for you, the girls in our post are hella hot and a helluva lot less hairy.  Without further adieu, we give you Naked Sushi Party Girls.

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    5. eddie says:

      this is absolutely retarded.

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    11. milan@948 says:

      Ovo je praznik za oči.

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    13. Christian says:

      You know half of these ladies work for me @ The only place in the world where you can eat of of Playboy and Hot Import Models.

    14. […] Naked Sushi Party Girls…a.k.a Nyotaimori [48 Photos] […]

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